Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sticker Sleep Chart

The past few weeks, Avery has been waking up in the middle of the night once, twice, several times for no real apparent reason :( Whether it be to have us turn up her noisemaker, ask us how much longer to sleep, or just "nothing", it has gotten seriously annoying and plus, I don't like it when my sleep is messed with for "nothing!"!

So, we moved her noisemaker to her nightstand so she could control the noise and change the sound if she wants but...that didn't work.

After several nights of anxiety-ridden sleep waiting for her to wake me up :),  I decided to try a 5-day sleep sticker chart.  She would get a sticker every morning that she went through the night without calling us up to her room and once she got 5 stickers, we could go pick out a toy.  Stickers, toys...she was totally on board! 

It only took her 6 nights to finish filling all the boxes up on the chart. The 5th night we had a minor setback, but she pulled through on her own last night.  So, since it only took her 6 days, I'm thinking that it's not a sleep problem after all, just a way to make sure that we are still in the house and I don't want it to turn into a crutch.  We'll do another longer sticker chart if we have to!

Here's her chart she heavily decorated!

When I picked her up from camp this afternoon I asked her where she wanted to go to pick out her toy and she asked to go to the Disney store at Stonebriar.  So, off we went and here she is sitting proudly with her new princess figurines!!  It was the 1st thing she saw when we went into the store and even after looking at everything the store had to offer she still wanted it.  Good job baby girl!!! Keep up the good sleeping...PLEASE!

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Cort said...

i am stealing this idea! good job, aves!