Monday, September 27, 2010

Hanging Out with My Girls!

After nap today the girls and I hung out on the couch and played before dinner. Ella was wide awake for some time so Avery and I enjoyed having her eyes open for awhile.

Told you she would be sitting in Kitty's chair sooner than later:

Avery loving Ella and Kitty hanging out together. Taking her own pics of them.

She LOVES holding Ella!!

Wanted a pic with Kitty

I think Kitty might be bigger. All of them hanging out

She really liked the chair. She sat in there SUPERVISED!!! for quite some time :)

Avery taking our pic

The 3 of us

Avery and her Ella

Just chillin'

Busy, Busy, Birthday Parties

The past 3 weekends, Avery has had a birthday party every Saturday. She has had a blast at all of them and they were all so different. How fun for the little ones!!

The 1st weekend when Ella was born was Tessa's 2nd birthday party. It was at Owens Farm in Richardson. They had animals to feed, a wheelbarrow train and a hayride. Avery had such a blast and was super friendly and outgoing. She LOVED the train rides! Apparently they went on it several times. Tim even got in on the action with her. Look how smiley she is!

The next weekend was Keaton's 2nd Birthday party. Her party was a paint party at her house and they had someone there making balloon animals and face painting. Avery had a sweet butterfly painted on her face that she didn't want to come off for several days :) They also had Elmo show up at the party but every kid except sweet Ben wanted nothing to do with him. What is it about kids and "real life" characters??

This past weekend we went to Gracie's birthday party at Build-a-Bear. We have never been to Build-a-Bear so I was super excited to go. I had thought about taking Avery before Ella came to make her a bear, but we never got around to it :( For the party each child got $20 toward a bear and clothes and then whatever you went over, you paid for. Of course, Avery picked out Hello Kitty which was $22 but I totally didn't care because it was our 1st outing together without Tim or Ella and I was just excited to be with my girl!!
Here they are waiting their turn to "stuff" their bears:

Helping the lady fill her "Kitty". This lady was a total bummer by the way! Why she works there I have no idea!

All stuffed and filled with a pretty red heart too!

Time for "Kitty's" 1st bath. Avery decided not to get any clothes for "Kitty". She wanted to get her her own chair. What the heck...I'm sure she'll eventually try to put Ella in the chair. We'll have to watch her!

Gracie and Avery

How fun!! We have 3 more special birthday's coming up in October...Molly, Mollye and Darmi. More pics to come for these special ladies birthdays!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our 1st 2 Weeks with Ella

Ella is now 2 weeks old...we can't believe she's been with us for 2 weeks already. Sometimes it feels like she's been here for much longer :) We've been waiting so long to meet her that it's sometimes unbelievable that she is really here with us now. We are so in LOVE with her as is Avery and enjoying each day as she continues to grow.

Some of the things that have been going on for the past 2 weeks:

Mommy is finally driving again...woo-hoo!! We are no longer housebound and so we are not going stir crazy anymore :)

Ella's umbilical cord fell off in only 13 days! This is so exciting for us because Avery's took almost 6 weeks.

She is a great eater and is really packing on the rolls!!

We've been spending a lot of time with our family and friends. And, have been having yummy meals delivered to us so we don't have to cook right now. Thank you all so much!

We took our 1st sponge bath after we got home - pics to follow shortly. Now, we can give her a real bath and we hope she will like it!

Cutie pie sleeping in her pink chair that vibrates and plays music

Spending cuddle time with Mommy!

The Penrod's came over for some football watching on Saturday when we got home. Nana getting her baby fill!

Nana, Kristen and Ella

Papa with Ella

Okay, these are our kids, but this is what the pic could look like sooner than later for Mollye and Brian. Don't they look like naturals!

Avery taking her own pics

Avery and Ella spending time together. Avery likes to show and shake Ella's baby toys for her. Sooner than later she'll start responding to them.

Check out my baby...

Tummy time

Chillin' in the Boppy

Avery picked out these outfits for Ella and her. They were given as gifts to us from our dear friends the Cason's. The girls look adorable in them. Thanks so much!!

Nap time with Daddy. Avery's been wanting Ella to wear this onesie but it's too big. Soon!

On our way to Avery's school. Avery loves holding Ella's hand while we are riding in the car. She is so sweet with her.

Avery decided to put all the burp cloths "she calls them blankets" on Ella. She's a little toasty!