Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our 1st Sleepover

A few weeks ago, while Molly was in Chicago, we had Cissy come over and spend the night with us. It was the 1st time for Avery to have someone spend the night and it was soooo fun!!! I had such a blast with the girls!

We ordered pizza and played and then they both said they wanted to go up to Watters Creek and dance and get ice cream. We left Tim and Ella at home and headed up there.

Let me 1st show you how cute they looked before we left. Cissy came over in this dress which Nana had gotten for both the girls so Avery immediately went upstairs and put hers on too!

These girls are on a mission with their purses full...where's their money??  And, we couldn't walk 2 feet without someone saying, "They are so cute!! Are they twins??" 

We 1st stopped off at Bath and Body Works to smell all the lotions and candles.  I loved their little facial expressions and opinions on all the fragrances.  Of course, they were having a huge sale and the lady looked at us and said, "We have $2 lip glosses in the back of the store".  Well, wouldn't you know it, each girl walked out of there with a new lip gloss :)

Then we had to go look at all the fun patterns and purses at Vera Bradley. 

Next stop was Paciugo for some purple and pink ice cream

And, finally, a spot on the lawn to do some dancing.  They were both doing some crazy, goofy dances and having a ball!  They kept running around the blanket wanting me to catch them and they thought it was soooo hilarious! 

When we got home they took a bath and then hopped in our bed to watch Strawberry Shortcake. 

The sleeping part was relatively painless after we finally got them settled in their own rooms :)

The next morning we got up and had breakfast and played and then Tim took them to Home Depot to make their own toolboxes and to have lunch at McDonald's. 

We can't wait to have Cissy come back!  It was such a fun night :)

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