Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friday Night, Family Night

after a long week at work, when tim comes home on friday nights, we like to get out of the house with the girls and grab some dinner and most of the time go listen to the music at watters creek. but, it's so blasting hot that by the time it cools down it's almost bedtime for ella. so, we've been doing other things like this friday we went up to the roadhouse...a really great loud, family-friendly restaurant :) and, even better that they have peanuts that you shell yourself because they are all over the floor so who cares what the baby drops!!

we couldn't get a booth so i was a little hesitant on how long ella would last in the highchair, but i should have known that as long as this girl has food she's just fine!!! cute are they??

eventually she will look at the camera with me :)

of course, she'll do it by herself!

she's on the move and crawling EVERYWHERE!!! 

he is so goofy!

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