Thursday, September 15, 2011

Avery Jordan

In random order...a look into Avery's life this past month:

All ready for her 1st day of dance class.  She really loves her tap shoe flowers - she picked them out herself!

A common scene in our house - Avery, headphones, ipod, dancing, singing.  Pretty much sums it all up.  I wish you all could see her.  It's Awesome!!

Going to Home Depot with Tim for their Kid's project they have at the beginning of each month.  She's very proud of her pin-badges she gets to put on her apron.

Last Mommy-Avery Wednesday before preschool started.  She'd been dying to go to the paint store!  She painted a beautiful lady bug.

Joining Mickey Mouse and his gang's sleepover they were having on the show she was watching.

Showing off her own style with all her stripes.  I told her that she had on a lot of stripes and she said, "isn't it great mommy!  they match!"

Loving some Baskin Robbins bubble gum ice cream.  She's got some crazy faces!

Goofing off at Pier 1 with their Mardi Gras masks

This chick is full of life and most of the time so smiley like she is here!

with me...

and darmi...

So ready to eat her Daddy's birthday cupcake!

Lastly...her new talent:


Ella has jumped on the smoothie bandwagon with Avery. They love their smoothie at the grocery store...I learned the hard way to bring my own sippy straw cup for Ella since she finds it funny to continually pull the straw out of the cup from the straw and get it all over her and consequently me too! But, Avery likes me to make them at home when I'm not feeling lazy ;) I get out the bullet and make them. Seems that Ella likes these too!

Ahh, a little bit of peace and quiet

and the madness continues!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Avery's 1st Day of Her Last Year of Preschool

Avery's 1st day of her last year of preschool was over 2 weeks ago. I have had the pics plus a bunch of others on my camera for awhile now. It's been so busy with Tim and Ella's birthday and getting back into a routine that I'm finally feeling I can breathe again and do some of my old things I used to do, blog!!

Here she is in the dress she picked out for her 1st day and her new kicks!  She was soooo excited to go back to school.  She loves her preschool - me too!! 

And, look at her sporting her new princess backpack with princess water bottle of course!
Another failed attempt to get the girls together for 1 pic with both of them even remotely looking at the camera.  Ella is just way too busy to even be bothered :)

a little better

On the way in her friend Emily was walking in too.  They walked right to their class together and were both so excited!

Why I Should Listen to My Dad!

Because I should listen to my Dad even though I still act like I know more than him sometimes because clearly I think I'm a teenager even though I have a family of my own, this is what I will now be running with when I'm out on a run: 

And this is why...this morning, I went out for a run around the "neighborhood" mind you around 6:30.  It's the same route I do almost all the time. 

Let me set the mood for was still dark outside which made me think why am I even out before the sun rises, it was drizzly, there was a bit of lightning and thunder, and I was half way through my run.  I was running down one of the residential streets when up ahead around the bend in the road behind the hedges, this dog comes out:

Okay, clearly it wasn't this dog, but it seemed to be something offly close! 

1st thought...why the hell don't I have the mace my Dad gave me on me right now???  Oh, of course, because my neighborhood is safe and I would never encounter such a thing as an aggresive, barking dog who clearly has gotten out of his house or yard!

2nd thought, I saw a light on in the house a few back with a man working in the dining room, turn around slow while keeping an eye on the crazy dog and make your way back there. 

So, here I am, 10 til 7:00 in the morning, knocking on a stranger's door hoping to not get attacked by this dog who by the way followed me almost the whole 2 houses back to this man's house.  The man opened the door a crack and I told him what was going on and would he mind if I just stayed on his porch or came inside to call Tim to pick me up??  Obviously he was hesitant for a second before he heard the dog.  I came in, he went back out to check and the dog ended up leaving.   Thank you, thank you sweet man for letting me come in I told him as I ran back home the other direction. 

Back on the main road...I ran into the freaking dog again 2 blocks ahead on the other side of the street.  He saw me from a distance with back stiffened but too far from his "home" I guess to do anything about me.  So, I turned back around and went home the way I came.

And that is why I want to say "Sorry Dad for not listening to you and carrying my mace in the 1st place!  Thanks for looking out for me! I Love You!!" 

Saturday, September 10, 2011