Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Randoms from a Couple Months Ago

I'm almost caught up on all my pics and I found these from when Ella was 8 months old.

I just LOVE this pic from our 1st day of summer.  Who can remember that it was even possible to be outside without 100+ temps??  Will it ever cool down again?

Ella and her sippy's about as big her noggin here!

1st of many pretzel sticks

Avery packed up her new suitcase with all sorts of things to spend the night at Darmi and Poppy's

This is when she was just starting to stand on her own.  Now, she will pull up on anything or anyone!

On her way somewhere...don't worry, I made her take the shower cap off before we got there :)

Cissy's 1st dance recital!  We were so excited to see her perform and she did so good!

Avery waiting to give her her flowers...she loved it!

Making our own grape and raspberry lemonade popsicles.  She did NOT like the grape ones at all, but really liked the raspberry lemonade ones.  I was very impressed with her "pouring" skills!

Hanging with Tiny E...trying out the bow/headband - i'm still on the fence

Playing dress-up at Emily's

Popsicles at Nana & Papa's

All I think of when I see this pic is the country song that says, "Well, hello T-R-O-U-B-L-E!"

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