Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Father's Day

So, clearly I'm way behind, but better late than never, right? Happy Father's Day to all the amazing fathers in our lives (you know who you are) and the special ones that I hold dear in our family.

To my Dad and Rich, you 2 are such amazing Fathers, role models and friends to Tim and I. What an honor to be your kids!

To my hubby, Tim, I love watching you with the girls and I know they are sooooo lucky to have you as their Dad! Thank you so much for being the man you are and helping, playing, feeding, changing, cleaning up, taking out the trash - especially the diapers :), reading bedtime stories, tucking in at night, working for us, and being the wonderful Father that you are to them.

To my brother, Brian, the father-to-be in our family this year. How lucky your Baby Girl is that she will have you as her Daddy! I know just from watching you over the years with the girls that you are going to be such a fantastic Father. I cannot wait to meet her and see you and Mollye grow your family.
Pics from the big day!

Tim with his girlies ready to go play the Annual Father's Day tournament at Whirly Ball

Quintessential "Dad" outfit, right down to the knee socks :)

Avery and I went up to watch the boys duke it out

Connor played with them for the 1st time this year.  He did so great and even made a few points!  Way to go Con-man!

Tourney is finished and everyone headed over to my parents house for some pool time, yummy food and to enjoy each other's company.  We have the BEST time when we all get together!

And, see, they are all still friends :)

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