Sunday, January 27, 2013

Holiday Dance Performance

Avery's dance studio put on a little holiday performance before the Holiday break and it was very cute! The girls got to wear accessories with their leotards to match the theme of the songs they were dancing to.  

Here's Ella holding the flowers to give to Avery

Seriously, I think if we had just given her flowers and not even had her dance she would have been so happy!  I think this is the Best part about the afternoon that she had been waiting for!

A couple of pics from Poppy...he's on the other side of the glass taking them.  They made me smile :)

grouchy ella wouldn't look at the camera.  i don't like being woken up from a nap but this chick takes it to a whole different level!

love the chaos in this pic and clearly tim and ella are the only ones who know that a camera is pointed in their direction.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Questions for the Girlies

The other evening before dinner the girls had both fashioned a pair of their sunglasses and were making each other laugh while playing up at the island.  I grabbed my camera to snap some pics of them to capture their cuteness and then I had the bright idea to take some video of them because I've been terrible about videoing them lately.  I asked them a bunch of "easy" questions and we had some fun with it.  Check out these cuties!


Have you seen this commercial yet??  Tim has been wanting me to see it for awhile and it came on the other day and he had me watch it.  See, I watch almost everything DVR'd so I don't ever see any commercials anymore. I'm lucky if I can get to my taped shows, but the 1st bit of it to me is so Hilarious!! I can't even see it pop up without laughing before it comes on.  It's the little things people!

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chihuly Nights - Take 2

So, turns out that the Arboretum decided to extend their Chihuly nights through the 1st of the Year - smart move!  That being said, my Mom, Kitty, Rich and I took advantage of it and went out to see the exhibit.  I was so excited that they would get to see it...they are just so pretty at night!!  We had a great night and I love that our families get along so well and get a chance to do things together and really enjoy being around each other.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Woo! Woo!!

Ms. Ella went pee-pee in the potty tonight!!  I can't tell you how excited I am about this and that our near future will be diaper-free soon :)

She told Tim as they were going to brush their teeth that she had to go potty and she does this frequently at night before she brushes her teeth but just sits on it and pretends she goes, then gives a big smile, says "I did it" and gets off the potty but tonight she actually did go in the potty!

I was totally shocked and started clapping and jumping up and down and telling her how proud I was of her.  She had the biggest smile even laughing!  We bribed Avery with M&M's but Ella doesn't like them so she got stickers instead...about 3 of them by the time she went to bed!

When I was putting her to bed she kept saying "I'm so proud of you"!  Off to buy Hello Kitty panties tomorrow!!  Woo! Woo!

Lots of Miscellaneous Photos from the Holidays

We have been having so much fun this Holiday break and over the past couple months!  Here are a bunch of our pics that I couldn't fit in their own post.

Target runs with this little chick after school...that $1 area is a killer!  We always have to grab something there to do during the trip.  I can't tell you how many Hello Kitty paper pads we now have.  

Night walks around the neighborhood to check out the X-Mas lights.  Headlamps are a must!

Ella's version of a smile :)

Found her like this after I got done doing my hair in the bathroom.  She just grabbed a couple books, climbed on up and got cozy.  How cute is she!

Family Nature walks

Our white elephant gift that scarily looks like it could actually work with Tim's hair.  So glad it's just a headband mullet and not real

Catching up with old friends

Lots of lounging around in just a know, as Ella and Avery call it "nudie pituty"

One day these "friends" will no longer be part of our family but as of right now they are constant companions

Got to love the Blue lollies

Silly girls!

and guy...

Kitty found a box of "Timothy" teas that she bought for Tim.  Ella had a blast dumping them out and sorting them.  Whatevs it kept her entertained for awhile :)

Saturday morning sister time playing games on the computer...remember when it was Saturday morning watching cartoons.


Date nights

Why do I buy the crazy color cupcakes?

Oh, that's right, bcuz they produce big smiles!

There's been lots of dancing around here too!

Check out our new eating arrangement!  Bye-bye high chair!  Now, I just have to find a chair for our computer desk area and then the high chair will really be gone!!

Spending lots of time with the love of my life

Bye-bye 2012