Friday, July 8, 2011

Our 10-Month Old Cutie!

Once again...BAM! Another month gone and Ms. Ella is now 10-months old!! I keep thinking about how last summer I was pretty big by now, lumbering around in the heat, and getting so excited to meet our new arrival. 2 more months and she will be a toddler :(

She is such a great baby and has the best spirit! I know they say 2nd's are easier and go with the flow and she definitely is that! She wakes up with a smile and will play in her crib for awhile. She doesn't really cry and if she does it's because she's hungry or tired and man can this girl eat :) I LOVE it!! It is so nice to feed a baby that wants to eat!

Here's what's been going on with Ella this past month:

She is full on crawling and is becoming super-fast! We've got to put those stair gates back up.

She can clap and loves when you clap with her.

She has also started to bounce a little when she hears music she likes.

She has a shoe obsession already! Poor Tim! If there is a pair of shoes in the room on the floor, no matter where she is, she could be clear across the room from them, she makes a beeline for them and does what - sticks them in her mouth of course! I've gotten pretty good at catching them before she does, but she's pretty sneaky :)

I've been letting her try almost everything we eat except meats right now, except she does like deli turkey. Just some of the new foods she is eating: cheeses, baby yogurt, banana bread, deli turkey, potato salad, pasta with cheese and butter, pizza, loves raspberries and blueberries, almost all fruits, pretzels, ice cream, peas, corn, cherries, cheerios. I was telling Tim the other day that it is so exciting to be able to take her anywhere and there should be something she can eat and if it's something new, we'll let her try it and it almost always works that she likes something. Definitely doing it a bit different on the food front with this one!

She is getting her 3rd tooth which is on the bottom which just so happens to be when Avery got her 3rd tooth which is kind of crazy if you ask me. It looks like some might want to come in on the top and I keep telling her to grow some more so she can eat more things. Soon.

She LOVES her Lovey! Everytime we head upstairs I ask her "Where's your Lovey?" and she gets this silly grin and giggles and grabs it and stuffs it in her face. She can't get enough of this thing so now we have 3...for back-ups :)

Besides enjoying her baths, she really likes being in the pool and can sit in her floaty for awhile especially if she has a toy to play with.

She has a slight obsession with bottles (not booze people) but lotion, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, etc bottles. If in doubt with her, just give her a bottle to hold. Whatever!

She has started to do this high-pitched yell when she wants your attention and babbles a lot in the car while we are driving. She is also seriously squirmy and wants to get down and explore.

I have no idea what we did before she was in our lives and I am so happy to be her Mommy! I Love to just hold her and let her crawl all over me, or when she's on my hip feel her tiny hands grasping my shoulder. And, if you ask her for a kiss, sometimes she will lean in and give you one and I love to smother her with kisses. She is so soft and sweet. Who knew that there would be so much room in my heart.

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