Monday, July 18, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

we've been so busy lately and i have all these pics piling up so i thought i would just throw them in one post and then start fresh again...but, i know they will continue to pile up and i'll be at this same point again. oh well!

nana took cissy and avery to go see the wiggles here in allen and they had such a great time.  avery danced the whole time and couldn't stop talking about it when she got home!

ella finally figured out that we have a playroom and made herself very cozy in there with some "new" toys!

who's calling me?? i'm busy playing!

we've brought this walker out a few times recently to try but she is not interested in it unless i am holding her hands up to the walker and walking with her.  soon i think she will be ready.  she looks like she knows what she's doing, but don't let her fool you - she doesn't ;)

showing off with only 1 hand!

please, someone help me down

loving this apricot after swimming!

showing off her new texas rangers shirt...there's room to grow!

hula-hooping! we keep telling her to move her hips while doing it but she just let's it twirl around her to the ground.

going to africa with her plane ticket from camp.  i want to go with her...maybe someday!

Date night with Tim at Patrizio's - delicious of course and Splitsville, the new bowling alley in Fairview.  We haven't been bowling in forever and we got a coupon flyer in the mail so we decided to use it.  It's kind of a more upscale bowling alley that has a bouncer at the door that discriminates on letting you in.  We had appropriate attire and must have looked nice enough because he let us in :)  I bowled terribly, but broke 100 every time.  I even had a frame where I only knocked 1 pin down, WTF!  However, I beat Tim 2 of the 3 games but he schooled me on the 1st game so he won overall :(  There will definitely be a rematch in our future!!  Bring it on baby!

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