Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This past weekend the Finkelstein side of the family went up to Chicago for my cousin's daughter's Bat Mitzvah. We've been looking forward to going for quite some time and Avery was really getting excited to go on an airplane again as the time grew closer! I don't know if Mommy was as excited because you never know how a child is going to act on a plane, but at least this time we had extra back-up (Darmi, Poppy, Uncle Brian and Mollye) if we needed it.

Now that we are back though I have to say the flights were great!! It's the 1st time Tim and I have flown in forever, especially on American, where there were no delays and we got in and out on time! Avery did Awesome too!! I have to give major thanks and props to Courtney for telling us about downloading her TV shows/movies onto our iTouch instead of getting a DVD player for her. That thing worked like a charm!!

We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back to Chicago sometime soon and hopefully in the summer instead of the winter :)

Walking to our gate in Dallas with Darmi

Such a "Big Girl" waiting for our plane. I will have to say that we got away with Avery sitting on our laps this time but I'm afraid it will be our last time to do this since she will be 3 very soon and really is getting too big to sit in our laps for the whole flight. I had been hearing how tough they were being on having kids under 2 fly but we had no problems passing her for under 2. In Chicago especially no one even paid attention to her...I had my story ready and everything but I didn't have to use it on this trip!

When we arrived in Chicago, after battling the 2 o'clock traffic we made a lunch stop at the infamous Portillo's Hot Dog Restaurant. If you have plans to go to Chicago make sure this is a must eat spot on your list!!
Check out Tim's loaded dog. I have to say I'm Plain Jane next to him - mustard only :)

Avery really loved the cups of ketchup...another thing she gets from her Daddy! This girl could can't get enough ketchup!

Friday night they had a welcoming party at the hotel's hospitality suite. It was so nice to see all our family again - it has been forever!! So long, that they had never met Avery! We had a blast catching up with everyone!

Here's Avery sitting with the girls and chatting :)

Cousin's kids photo

Mommy and "The Winker"

Goofy brothers

Such a cute couple

Another cute couple!!

Two beauties!

Daddy and His Girl

Checking out the views from the hotel windows

Walking about downtown on Saturday. We were lucky to have our own personal tour guide, Mollye! She lived in Chicago for 7 years persuing her medical degree so she knew the town like the back of her hand. Surprisingly, the weather was not too bad...kind of like the weather we had been having in Dallas so we were able to walk around to some of the sites. Tim was even so bold as to not wear a jacket this afternoon!

Avery and Tim playing in the snow

These boys were collecting money for charity and if you donated money they would dance for you...

The Bean and Tim in his infamous vacation pose

The Bean was so neat! What an interesting sculpture and we had so much fun looking at ourselves inside and outside!

After The Bean we headed over to the Hancock Center. We decided to take a cab with the little one in toe since it was a pretty far walk. Had to take a pic of the advertisement on the cab next to us. Wonder if it's good Vodka...never heard of it before!

Here's the Hancock Center Tower...pretty tall!! We headed up to the 96th floor on a superfast elevator I must say to have a drink at the Signature Lounge and check out the amazing views!

Pretty good views for it being so overcast

It's a pretty far way down Ms. Avery!

Saturday night the celebration continued at the delicious restaurant, Topo Gigio. Despite a seriously late nap and a possibility of not even making it out, Avery rallied and was the last one up again :) The food was delicious, the drinks were abundant and the party was so much fun!! They had a lot of kid themed things like these fun hats and glow-stick bracelets.

Yummy ice cream for dessert

The Brothers (Uncles) and their Kids (Cousins)

Aren't they so cute!

The Boys...with full glasses. Come to think of it, I never saw their glasses empty :)

Two of my Favorite Men!

Mom and I!

Are you ready for some dance moves...our little mover and shaker tore it up on the dance floor!! We couldn't get her off and she was so sad when the DJ was packing up his gear. The last song they played was "Single Ladies" by Beyonce and Avery was in Heaven!!!

Avery and her new friend Chase trying to Line Dance

Dancing with Uncle Brian

and Daddy

and Mommy

Killing time at the airport on Sunday - Avery was taking photos of everyone. I think she's getting pretty good at it!!

See you next time Chicago...thanks for a wonderful trip!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day in February

This snow is Amazing!! I can't believe how long and how much snow has been falling. Avery and I keep watching it all day and it never seems to end. It's so beautiful and we can't wait for Tim to get home so we can go out and play in it. Truthfully, I don't know how long I'll last out there so I keep telling Avery we'll wait for Daddy because I know he'll want to stay out there with her :)

Check out what she is wearing today inside while it record snow falls outside:

Watching the snow come down

Look at my sand and water table!

Silly Girl!

I'm totally biased because I'm her Mom, but I think she's so Beautiful :)

Daddy's home and we are bundled up and ready to go outside!

Check out the attire...so I didn't have time to go out and buy her rain/snow boots so we improvised like my Mom did with us when we were younger - baggies tied with rubber bands. Totally works! Her feet never got wet and the snow was really deep!

Thinking about it...

Jumped right in!

Starting to make our "BIG" snowman. The snow was so packed it just came up in one big ball, practically effortless.

Such a good helper

Here's the second level. Mommy helped put this one up because it was soooo Big and surprisingly heavy!!

Packing the snow on

Ooops, dagger to the heart on this Snowman. Too tiny for an arm...next stick please.

Showing off their creation

Daddy and Avery snowmen

After Avery went to bed, Tim took a nature stroll across the street in the woods area. He brought the camera but unfortunately it didn't take that great of pics without the flash. Here's a couple but you can't get the full beauty of the area.