Monday, July 11, 2011


Randoms that don't have a place of their own...

It's a 1000 degrees outside and Avery says she's cold and wants to put on a jacket and gloves!  We told her just to go outside, but she insisted :)

Love me some Ella!

Avery's preschool camp theme was pirates so everyday she would bring home a treasure map, a spyglass, a hat, treasure, etc.  It was really cute!  Here she is working on her Aargh face :)

Crawling everywhere!!!

She loves Avery's scooter and I think can't wait to ride it.

Sunrise on a morning run

Love me some Aves too!

Smiley girl

2 of the fish in our family

Avery went with us to Ella's 9-month check-up and was SUPER EXCITED that she wasn't having to be checked out!!

Ella found the was a battle to take her away ;)

I was going through a bag of my old dance costumes for Avery and found this softball shirt from the team I played on in middle school...shocking that it still fit!  I also found my drillteam letter jacket, that thing is hot!

My 3 favorite peeps!

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