Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Little Hands

The past few nights when I've put Ella to bed I sit with her for a few minutes to chat with her about our day.  I love to look at her sweet, toddler face and smell her sweet baby smell.  I know so soon she will be as big as Avery and the baby parts of her will be gone.  She talks and talks and talks...when did this start happening I wonder?

The other night she said, "close your eyes Mommy".  And, of course I willingly obliged.  Then the softest touch of her little hands caressed my forehead, then my cheeks, my nose, my lips, covered my ears, smoothed down my hair, over my shoulders and down my arms and then one more sweep across my lips and she said "open your eyes Mommy...you are ready to sing" :)

Every night I try to get her to do it again because it just melts my heart.  Being the toddler that she is I strike out sometimes but mostly she does it and then asks me to do the same to her and after we sing 'Call Me Maybe' because that is her choice.