Friday, January 20, 2012

Ponytails and Purses

Why I haven't thought to put Ella's fine hair up and out of her eyes before now stumps me, but today, watching the hair fall in her face, I decided to throw it up in a small ponytail.  It kind of sticks straight up, but it's cute all the same.  Kids can pull all sorts of things off.  Wish it still applied to adults as we get older!

She came over to me to get in the pic with me...I'm a little overdoing it, but see I'm trying to say "Cheeeeese"

And, then she had to find her purse, put her new lotion & soap bottles in it and she was ready to go.  She would not leave without her purse!!  It was so cute!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fun at Watters Creek

We have just been loving this weather and taking full advantage of it while we can. We took the girls up to Grimaldi's for dinner a couple weeks ago and then for ice cream at Paciugo of course!  And then, Tim took Ella home and left Avery and I up there to shop around.  We went to her favorite stores, Vera Bradley & Bath and Body Works, and my favorite store, Anthropologie, and then several others too.  It was a great night and love going shopping with Avery...can't wait for Ella to join us too!

Ella sitting for a moment, very briefly, at the table.  I think going out to dinner with her right now is a bit daunting since she has no intentions of sitting still.  Way too curious!!

How cute are they!

How cute are we :)

Playing with the dough they give the kiddos before the meal comes

Enamored by the christmas lights

And, she has found the steps