Friday, July 8, 2011


A few weeks ago, we had a morning off from doing anything and long story short, I found out that one of the new body lotions I've been using from Bath & Body works was being discontinued....Forever! I just hate when they do that :)   You might be saying, oh, big deal, like you can't find another lotion to take it's place, but I am super-picky about some things and I just had to have some stock so I didn't have to go out and find a new fragrance. 

So, I called around to see who still had any left and wouldn't you know it, the only store that had some around here was at Stonebriar mall. Sorry right now to all the peeps who live in Frisco, but everytime I go out to that mall area, it takes me forever to get anywhere and it is such a cluster*.

But, it's not hard to convince Avery to go out there because she loves to ride the merry-go-round and then go check out the Disney store...maybe that's why I don't like it :) But, I was on a mission here folks so we headed over.

She got to ride 2 times so this is the purple horse she had to ride the 1st time around.

Pretty happy don't you think?

Ella loved watching the Merry-Go-Round go round and round

And, when I went in to put Avery on a different horse, the man working the ride said that Ella and I could ride with her too.  So, here Ms. Ella is taking her 1st riding lesson :)  She liked sitting on the horse before it started, but once it started moving and going up and down, she was done!  She liked it much better being in my arms while we rode it :)

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