Monday, October 24, 2011

Homemade Smoothies

Found these old pics from sometime this summer.  The girls LOVE it when we make smoothies at home and I wish I could say I make them often, but we just don't so it's like a super-cool treat when the bullet comes out.  I should do it more for them...on my list :)  And, each of them has to have their own cup and continually trade because they always want what the other has, of course!

the crazy face and eyes is starting to scare me a little ;)

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Who doesn't like popsicles??  Well, besides me I guess :) 

I don't know about your kids, but my oldest lives for dessert and I try to give her good dessert choices so one thing I buy is sugar-free popsicles.  Hey, what she knows right now won't hurt her and plus she can't tell the difference anyways. 

Well, she's gotten the little one hooked on them too!  How does a kid who's never had a popsicle, know how to eat the whole thing, even turning it to the side when she gets down to the stick part??  Maybe I should start letting her use a fork by herself since she seems to know how to get it into her mouth. 

Going for a Ride

Everyone needs a push now and then and the beauty I've become to realize is that having an older sibling around let's me not be the one that is doing all the legwork :)  Plus, listening to them giggle and have fun together and being able to watch it with a first-row seat is so much more fun!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!!  I hope you have a fabulous one because you definitely deserve it!  I am so happy to have you as my Mom and friend.  You bring such happiness, optimism, postivity and life to our family...we are all so lucky!  May you have a wonderful birthday and we can't wait to celebrate YOU!!  Love you always!

Friday, October 14, 2011


I took the girls up to the park the other afternoon after Avery's music class. It was that time of the early evening after nap and between dinner...the dead zone where you sometimes twiddle your thumbs to find something for them to do before the meltdowns begin.  Beautiful weather, the park works.

Ella Loves to swing!!  Who doesn't really???

Avery's on the bench in the background for a 5-minute time-out for smacking her sister in the head!

Time-out is over :)

On the tallest slide at the park. 

Making her way around the jungle gym with me as her shadow.  I never get nervous with her but I could just see her walking right off. 

For the most part, Ella played in the wet wood chips and was completely covered with them.  They were all in her mouth, on her paci, in her hair.  She was a mess!  Totally worth it!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Watters Creek

All summer long we could never go up to listen to the music at Watters Creek because it was so hot so the 1st weekend it actually cooled down a bit, we took the girls up there for music and ice cream.

But first...we had to stop in to the newest store there which I've been waiting so patiently for.  I Love this store.  The clothes, accesories, home goods, etc.  It's Fab!

Sitting together eating their ice cream.  At least for the moment.

Yeah, someone discovered chocolate ice cream :)

Me and My Aves

Semi-family shot

Attempts at a full family shot.  Ella will eventually look at the camera and smile.

Ready to dance or at least bounce!

I don't know what she did and I wish it was focused on her instead of the background but this pic just makes me smile :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tim's B-Day Festivities

Found this in some posts I never got to actually posting. Tim's B-day was August 29 but it's never too late. We like to extend our birthday celebrations in our family preferably over 2 weekends...much more fun that way :)

I can't even remember the order so this is how they were uploaded originally.   Tim's birthday always tends to be around restaurant week so every year we go somewhere new and this year was no disappointment!!  We chose The Capital Grille because they were one of the only restaurants that actually had steak as an option on their restaurant week menu and it was Delicious!!  We went with my parents and Mollye and Brian and had a wonderful time. 

I told them when I made the reservation that it was Tim's b-day so they put a candle in his cake for us and we got to sing...nothing embarassing though. Bummer!

The other weekend, we went up to Splitsville for a family birthday bowlathon.  We had some yummy sliders to start, great drinks, and so much fun! 

Go Kitty Go!!

These 2 are serious goof"balls"!  I think we should add this one to the wedding video :)

Happy Birthday Crazy Man!

Bragging rights to the winner.  You all put up a good fight!

On the Sunday before his birthday, the Lairsen's came over for some burgers and beer and to celebrate.  The kids couldn't wait to blow out the candles so they could eat their cupcakes! 

Ella was just not too sure about the whole candle thing.  I think she just kept getting upset because the beautiful light was being blown out :)

And, on his actual birthday, both of our parents came to celebrate this amazing man!  Love you!