Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunday FunDay

Um, to start it off, Bread Winners makes the BEST brunch ever!!  Eggs benedict, sweet breads, crispy potatoes, hot coffee...what else could you ask for?  Then a solid nap right after :)
Headed to Connemara for Family outing day or something like that and it was a total bust!  Face painter was leaving, no one was there and the food was beans and chocolate cherry cobbler.  The cook asked Avery if she wanted some beans and she informed him that she was "not a bean eater"!
Remembered Watters Creek was having their art festival so headed over there to continue perusing through our Sunday.  The girls made these fun banner sticks...they were hanging from everything and it was so pretty.  Beautiful weather, lazy Sunday and being with the Family.  My heart is full!

Spring Carnival

After the birthday party we headed straight over to the school carnival.  Hair spray, Bounce houses, snow cones, cake walk, game and a super-loud DJ!  The girls tore it up when they made their own dance floor and started requesting songs :)

Avery's 9th birthday party

What a fantastic weekend we've had!  Friday started off with Avery and Abby's birthday party at Main Event.  Bowling, pizza, donuts & games.  Had the place all to ourselves at 4:00 and the kids loved it!  It's so fun to watch them with their friends and how close they all are.

Finished off the party with a surprise gift for Abby & Avery with 1st concert tix to see Meghan Trainor.  To say they were surprised would be an understatement!


Last Day as an 8-year old

How has the time flown by so quickly that my baby is turning 9 tomorrow?  I'm so proud and honored to be her Mommy!  She is beautiful, kind, big-heart, her own person, loving, goofy, smart, happy, I could go on and on.

We went to her favorite restaurant, Grimaldi's, tonight with Darmi & Poppy and enjoyed a beautiful evening.  Tomorrow's a big day!

Mother's Day Poetry Tea

This morning I got to go to Avery's school for a Mother's Day Poetry Tea.  Avery made a special book just for me with all sorts of poems in it.  They served us raspberry tea and cookies and we listened to each of them read a couple of their poems.  Such a sweet morning!