Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun Pics

Driving with Bear...hands on the wheel kiddo!

Showing off our Big Girl drinking skills

Loving Daddy's water bottle

Reading lots and lots of books with Darmi

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Playing Out Front

We love being outside...

Hanging out with Bear and her friend


Gardening like her Daddy


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dallas Blooms

On Sunday, we took Avery to the Arboretum during Dallas Blooms and boy was it crowded. We had to park in the overflow lot and took a tour bus to the entrance. Here's Avery taking her first ever bus ride:

You know what I find ironic about the whole bus don't have to have a car seat or a seat belt on anyone which is so crazy because it's against the law for me to drive in my car without a seat belt or her in the car seat. Maybe someone can explain why you don't have to follow this law on a bus. And not because I'm a by the book type of girl, I just think it makes no sense. What do you think?

Enough of my rant, moving on...

It was so pretty there...the tulips were in full bloom. Every color imaginable was represented there. Of course, I didn't think of this ahead of time and only took my tiny Canon camera so I only have one pic of the flowers and they aren't even tulips, but still pretty.

Besides the gorgeous scenery, the main reason we took Avery this weekend was because of the Storybook Playhouses that just opened it. They were being built last time we were there and they are going to be up until the end of the year. It is a really great exhibit and it was so fun for her.

Avery and Tim boarding the Peter Pan exhibit:

Manning the ship in Peter Pan

Check out these sprinkles...Avery wishes she could eat a cupcake this big!

Treasure Island...there was sand everywhere, in the boat, on the ground, in her hair...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Playing with Sissy

For St. Patrick's Day we went over to Nana and Papa's for our annual St. Patty's Day meal with the family. Avery and Catherine (a.k.a. Sissy), are only 3 months apart and have played "around" each other forever, they've never really played together. But, this night was the turning point for our girls I think. They played all night together, chasing after one another, sharing their toys with one another, having a great time. We are so excited to see them together and know that they will have such a fun time growing up together. Let's face it...we're in Trouble!

And, as an added treat, Papa read the girls a story. What a sweet moment!

Our New Roommate

Say Hello to our new roommate!!
Our dear friends, the Lairsen's, have been transferred back to Texas from Oklahoma...whoo-hoo! Brandon started his new job this past Monday and Heather and the kids are in Houston with her parents. Congrats to them that their house is already under contract and the search is on for a home here. Plus, that means that Brandon won't be living here FOREVER, right?? :))) Just kidding! I have to say he's pretty much the perfect roommate because my only request is that he does not wake Avery in the morning and then he can stay as long as he likes ;) He's doing a pretty great job so far! We were so sad to see them go 2 years ago and we can't tell you how excited we are to have them back in Dallas. Welcome Home Lairsen Family!

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Me Too"

Just look at her face and imagine her saying "ME TOO!". It's a constant and classic in our house.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daddy Hugs

Last night when Tim walked in the door, Avery dropped what she was doing and ran to him, practically jumped into his arms, gave him one of her squeezing hugs and a big kiss. Well that sure did make Tim's day...more like his week, maybe even year (okay, now I'm getting ahead of myself!). It is so amazing to watch Avery with Tim and see how their relationship continues to evolve. They are becoming such buds and she now sits with him on his side of the table at dinner. Now some people might think I'd be sad about this, but no, to have a meal without someone hanging on me while eating is such a pleasure. Sorry Tim :)
Avery also likes to get ready with Daddy when he comes home from work when he changes into his comfy clothes and is really interested in his hat collection. Check out my 2 favorite people...aren't they so cute!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Blogging is Back On!

It has been such a crazy past couple weeks in the Penrod house!!

To start off, last week while celebrating Nana Kitty's BIG b-day, I had Uncle Don look at my computer and found out my hard drive was crashing. Oh no, what to do you survive nowadays without a computer?? Well, I'll tell you how - very nicely (sort of). It was actually kind of nice to not have access to a computer for a few days, okay 2 days. By day 3, after many conversations with the DELL "experts" I was ready to get back online and catch up on everything I had been missing out on. Turns out it wasn't as much as I thought. So, I've slowly returned to using the computer at top speed like before. Besides email, I've found out that I really use it for getting cooking recipes, tips, msmts, etc. Who knew-well I guess we all could guess that one?? But, it's safe to say that we are back up and running and should not be so behind on catching all of you up with what's going on at our casa.

Avery is a talking machine. She is putting 2 words together more and more now. For instance, our coversation this morning while she was typing away at the "puter":

Avery: Daddy, Wourk??
Me: Yes
Avery: Car?
Me: Yes
Avery: Diving, Muse??
Me: Yes, Daddy is Driving to work in his Car listening to Music

I never knew I would become a translator once I had a child.

She is also a great hostess. She throws tea parties all the time and I'll tell you, you are lucky if you can reserve a seat at her table. She always has room for Bear and Dorrie (Dora), so you better be quick if you want to drink some of her fabulous tea! Check out all her friends waiting in line for a tea party:

Let's see what other words has she been using a lot lately:
Me TOO!!!
Dar-Dark for when the lights are out in her room
Bight-Bright for when I open the blinds in her room when she wakes up, this usually is paired with a hand on her forehead covering her eyes

A few more random pics:

Eating the free cookie they give to kids at Market Street. She rode around in the stroller for 2 aisles before taking a bite. Then, it was gone in about 2 seconds :)

Being a tomboy in Daddy's hats and belts. Pretty cute tomboy!

Cleaning the table with Daddy after dinner. She loves to help when the spray bottle is out. I won't forget this trick!

And, last but not least, I have several videos that I am in the process of downloading to the computer since ours was out of commission for awhile so here's a song that Avery and I have been dancing to alot in the mornings.

Have a Great Weekend!!! And, don't forget to Spring Forward tomorrow night - Happy Dance for being able to go outside at night now!!