Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Man!

Happy Birthday Tim!!  I hope your birthday is as amazing and wonderful as you are and I am so happy to be celebrating another year with you!  I love you so much!!

Here's a little birthday video Avery made for you...enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten!

And we're off...after a bit of a crazy and rushed morning, our little girl is starting Kindergarten and is so excited about it!!  I can't believe she is going to school everyday and I know she is going to Love it!  I'm so excited to see what this year will hold for us and I know it will take some getting used to, but I think I am ready for it :)  Have a great year Sweet Aves!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meet the Teacher Night

Such an exciting night for our Aves to meet her 1st elementary or "big school" teacher up at her new school!  We were all so excited to go up there and meet her teacher, check out the room, and the school which has just been completely renovated.  Such a new chapter for this family!!

Our Kindergartner!

I think I'm just as excited "and nervous, but don't tell her" as she is!  

Checking out her new classroom

Ella seems to have settled in just fine as well!  This is hopefully a sweet preview for her to start her preschool class in a couple of weeks...keep your fingers crossed :)

She was so excited about the library!

Leaving school and ready to start on Monday.

Tim headed out to hang with his bros, so I took the girls out for ice cream and to play on this train/little stores playscape in Fairview afterwards . This pic cracks me up bcuz Avery and I each got an ice cream to share with Ella, but Ella doesn't really like ice cream so she's eating her craisins while Avery and I enjoy our ice creams :)

Playing on the caboose

They loved these little stores!

Me & My Girls

Ahh, sisters!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beach Club & Hawaiian Falls

Our great friends Alicia and her daughter Shea and the girls and I have been having a lot of fun together these past couple weeks of summer.  They took us out to the beach club at Stonebridge and we had such a fun time playing in the sand, swimming, the splash park area and just hanging out.  It felt like a little mini-vaca at the beach :)

Everyone just hanging out doing their own thing!

For awhile after we got there this was Ella's favorite spot...eating!  This girl can really pack it in.  I have no idea where it goes!

We finally got her to take off her shoes and feel the sand in b/t her toes.  I was getting worried bcuz Tim and I's favorite place to be is at the beach so we have to make sure our girls enjoy being beach bums too!  One day, you can all come visit us at our beach house :)

Just checking out the "Kid's pool" is what she called this lake on the other side of the swimming pool

The next week, Alicia and Shea asked us to come with them to Hawaiian Falls and use their buddy passes for the day.  Ella stayed with both Darmi and Nana during the day while Avery and I were out.  We had so much fun!!  I felt like a kid again going down all those slides. We were there for 6 hours and Avery still didn't want to leave.  I think Tim and Avery will definitely have to go back one day bcuz I know he would love it too!

Before we went in...excited for our last Mommy & Avery Wednesday before school starts

Waiting in line before the park opens.

Having the much anticipated Dippin' Dots ice cream.  This is one happy girl!

Behind us was one of the splash parks that Avery and Shea played on

Our favorite slide ride.  One of the orange tubes you got to pick a song out of about 60 choices and it played the whole ride long.  It was so cool!!  And, I went down one of the yellow slides...super fast!!!

One last pic b4 we left.

The next day we met up with the Hales at Lifetime and while waiting for them the girls laid out.  Avery said she could lay there all day...preview of years to come :)  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fun with Ella

found this from last month that i guess i never posted...just spending some time goofing off with my ella

Wimberley, The Rest of Our Trip

here we number 3 breakfast.  let me tell you, we never eat like this in the morning at home!  i'm lucky to get a bar or breakfast burrito before we are out the door so to have "the works" for a few days was so great!

tim's little slideshow from that morning...1) tray of food

2 - view from our porch

3 - julie's empty chair because she's still sleeping :)

4 - there she is!

we decided to head out early to hamilton's pool.  we love going there and this time we put our stuff down and took the hike over to the pedernales river.  they said it was under a mile but it felt longer.  stopping for a few photo ops ;)

here's what we stumbled upon when we got there...peace and quiet, there was hardly anyone there, lots of room to roam in the water, but most of all peace and quiet :)  the pool was so crowded, there was really nowhere to sit so we hiked back to hang out there for a little bit and then grabbed our stuff and headed back over to the river.  our plan was to have been there only for a few hours, but we spent all day out there and left right before they closed at 5. another fantastic day!!

we took our mini chairs that we had with us and crossed the river and set them up on the opposite bank under these trees and just chilled!

ready for dinner

no one will get what these pics are about but these are my memories and they make me laugh because that's what he does so no story here just me remembering

and loving this face!

morning #4...whew i'm getting full just looking at it :)

day 4 we didn't really have any plans but we had been hearing every other time we were here to try out the blue hole, a swimming hole in wimberley that we had never been to.  it was literally 2 miles away from our place and once again we were so pleasantly surprised by how great it was we spent the whole day there too!

i could get used to this view!

it's hard to tell, but they had a couple rope swings along the water and it was so fun to swing off and jump in...yeah, i did it ;)

and, look what tim found on the bottom

saturday nights they hold a dinner at the inn and its a 5-course sort of thing that we tried last time and decided to do again on this trip.   look at us all dolled up :)

our menu for the evening

um, one of the best soups i've ever eaten!

more food...our last breakfast and then it's back to the same old thing at home.  it's okay, i'd be enormous if i continued like this!

and, coming home to this beautiful face!  showing us her new bracelet that we brought home for her.

and this cutie too, but it's too hard to get her to look straight at the camera so i'll just enjoy her profile shot instead!