Wednesday, October 27, 2010

7 Weeks Old

Back and Forth, Back and Forth, Back and Forth...there's something so soothing to Ella when she takes her naps in her swing. You can hear this motion often in our house right now because she still takes several naps a day. Only at night does she sleep motionless. Such a sweetheart!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Carnival at Lifetime

On Saturday, Nana invited us to Lifetime for the Halloween Carnival they put on every year. We went with Nana, Darmi, Molly & Cissy and had a blast!! The girls looked so cute in their Halloween costumes and had soooooo much fun in all the bounce houses, pony rides, train rides, games, etc. They put on such a great carnival and it was so packed and there was so much to do. Thanks Nana!!!

The Beautiful Angel and Princess

This is the only Pumpkin Patch will be going to this year...sorry Aves!

Riding the train with the girls

I've downloaded some new photo software and have been having fun playing with all the different settings...this one is Yesteryear, I like to call it Old School

Holding hands walking back in to the carnival. They are so cute together :)

Molly & I wearing their headbands...ther girls took them off once we got inside so they could play

View of one side of the carnival...there was so much more than this

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Who knew that all you really needed was a couple of balloons to keep them happy :)

Hula Hoopers

Friday, October 22, 2010

6 Week's Baby!!

Smiles and Coos and More Smiles and Smiles!!

That's really all I've been asking for right now...just some recognition from Ms. Ella that she knows we're here (and that we've been the ones feeding, changing and caring for her for the past 6 weeks :) I'll tell you, no matter what time of day it is, that gummy smile will stop me in my tracks and I'll start talking to her in this crazy high-pitched voice just to see it again and again!

Couple things about the girls this week:

Ella HATES tummy time! I mean she will cry and carry on an then you flip her over and she's so upset like we just made her do the worst thing ever!! But, she is really good about holding her head up on her own without hardly ever doing tummy time.

Avery is so in love with her...she kisses her all the time, makes sure she comes with us when we go somewhere, loves to hold her and the best thing is that she puts her pacifier back in her mouth when she spits it out (AWESOME!!! especially in the car!)


Bless You!

Wake up sleepy head...this girl can stretch!

Enough pics Mommy...I'm hungry!

Silly Girl Avery

Some funny/cute shots of Avery:

Wearing her Awesome Big Sister badge/sticker she got in a gift sent by one of our relatives.

Hanging out with her new Hello Kitty's.

She got this moldable foam in a gift bag from Kale's b-day party. She decided to use it to make a beard like her Daddy's!!

Princess with her Strawberry Shortcake dolls

Holding of her favorite things to do - mine too!

Family Night

Just in case you didn't know...we LOVE to listen to music in this house! Avery LOVES changing through the CD's and playing the iPod. We have dance parties regularly so feel free to come join anytime you are in the neighborhood. We are already initiating Ella in our danceathons...she has no chance :)

Avery holding her baby sister

The girls "dancing" together


I'm so over this!

Smiley :)

I'm done...ready for bed

Mom stop taking our pictures!!

Ahhhh, bathtime. Thanks!