Thursday, July 7, 2011

Independence Day 5K

This past Saturday, Heather asked me to run in the Independence Day 5K at White Rock Lake. I haven't been running very long and only about once or twice a week but the longest I had run was around 2.7 miles so I told her I would join her. It would be a great preview and estimate of what was to come in December. Holy **** it was hard and hot!! Thankfully, Heather listened to me and ran on ahead of me, otherwise I probably would have keeled over on the course trying to keep up :)

But, I did way better than I was expecting...35:48 and Heather did amazing at just under 31 minutes. And, she ran the last few hundred feet with me. I can't wait to watch her cross the finish line in the half marathon in December.

Thanks Heather...even though it was a challenge it was great to do it with you. I'm ready to do it again, maybe just in some cooler weather :)

Nice morning view before our run

Fully of energy and relaxed before our race

So thankful it's over :)  We did it!!

Another sweet view after the race

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Cort said...

woohoo! go, jules, go!