Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer, Summer, Summer-time...

Avery's last day of school was last Wednesday, sad that she will only have one more year left of preschool, but really excited to spend the summer with her. Well, actually, excited for her camps to start so that we will both keep each other sane and enjoy the summer :)

Thursday, we stayed at home in the morning enjoying the beautiful weather we were having. This is what the backyard looked like after Avery took every ball, bubble, chalk and toy she had and threw it all over the yard. Ella was enjoying having her toys out too though she doesn't stay in the same place for very long anymore!

and she's off!

no, she didn't pull herself all the way up, but she's been pulling herself to her knees and then she gets really mad that she can't get all the way up. she prefers to stand which is fine by me. i'm crazy and i'll probably take it back when it happens, but i can't wait for her to walk. all she wants to do is get down anyways so may as well start cruising.

my most favorite pic right now!

all of us had on these wrist rattles. who knew it could fit an adult's wrist


Check out our new matching outside chairs for these 2...Aren't they soooo cute - both the chairs and the girls :)

We saw them outside at Market Street and Avery asked if we could get one. They only had one at the store at the time but they found another one at the McKinney store and instead of sending us over there, they had someone who was going to the store pick it up for us and bring it back. They are sooo amazing there!! It is my favorite store I've shopped at. The customer service there is insane! Enough of my Market Street plug...

Avery has really started to take more interest in Ella and though she is still so rough with her sometimes, she has really started to love on her. Here she asked me if Ella could lay on the couch with her...perfect photo op :) I can't wait to see these 2 grow up together!


We had our 1st swimming experience over Memorial Day weekend at my parents house. Avery couldn't wait to get into the pool. At the moment, she is back in a floaty and loving it. Give her a few more times and I'm sure she'll be trying to swim on her owns. Tim's really good with her in the pool and I bet will get her under soon.

Ella joined Avery and was LOVING it!! She loves her bath so I figured she would like the pool but you never know. This float is great!

Before her nap I had to give Ella a quick bath to get all the sunscreen off her so I plopped her in the kitchen sink for a quick rinse. She really loved the water sprayer! I may have to do this more often, though Avery does really enjoy taking a bath with her.

Date Night - I Think I'll Keep Him

Saturday night, after I was gone for a little while dropping off the girls at my parents house, I walked into the house to this:

Seriously...it made my weekend :) It's times like these that make me realize how special Tim is to me and through all the daily craziness with the kids, I know he is the one for me and I Love him so much!

Also, feel free to repeat this anytime you like :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pulling UP!

Yep...Ella has learned how to pull herself up in her crib, on her toys, on anything that is just a BIT bigger than her. The other day she was at nap and I heard her making noises and then a full-out cry which is rare for her. I went to check the monitor and she was up on her knees stuck in the corner of her crib. She couldn't for the life of her figure out how to get down! Mommy to the rescue :)

I'd say she's pretty proud of herself!

She threw everything she could out of the crib...her lovey and 2 pacis. Another reason to cry :)

Pulling up on her sing-a-long toy she plays with while Avery cooks in her kitchen behind her.

Still no full-out crawl but she is ready to walk once she is on her feet. We'll see what happens next !

Friday, May 27, 2011

Counting Down from 10

I wish I could take credit for Avery counting down but we haven't really done that together. I don't know if she learned it at school or I should give Mickey Mouse credit :) I'm thinking her teachers at school. Either way, I'm pretty impressed, but then again...I'm her Mom!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Caiden!!

Happy 6th Birthday Caiden! We've been talking about Caiden's birthday alot because Avery's birthday is right after his. It's like a countdown to his birthday and then another one to Avery's. Eventually she will understand time and realize that everything doesn't happen after nap :)

Caiden's birthday fell on a Thursday this year which was great for Avery because she got to go with Cissy, Nana and Molly up to his school to have lunch with him.

Here are the girls with their Sonic slushies waiting to go eat with him. It's hard to imagine that in 1 year these 2 will be going to elementary school themselves. I can't even think about it because it makes my head spin and makes me emotional :(

Enjoying their lunch with the birthday boy!

After lunch Avery went home with Cissy and Molly and then went back to pick up Caiden and the boys to go get ice cream at Baskin Robbins. What a fun day for the birthday boy and Avery had such a great time celebrating with him and all the cousins. It's so fun that they are all so close. I hope they stay that way as they get older.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Field Day

Every other week at school the kids participate in Kidokinetics where they learn a sport, stretch, play, and do all other sorts of activities. Last week they had a field day where all the parents could come up and watch. They were all having a blast!

Avery with 2 of the other 3 girls in her class. They look happy, huh :)

Doing jumping jacks with their coach

having fun doing all sorts of balance activities with these disks

all the kiddos in her class

big smiles!! i'm so glad i got to go see her...she was happy to see me too!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was so nice and we had such a great time with all the family coming over to our house to celebrate.

These 2 make me such a happy Mom and I feel so blessed to be their Mommy! I look at them and am Amazed that Tim and I created these 2 cuties!! I hope that I may continue to do a good job in raising them and I am totally ready for the task...2 girls!!

Some recent pics of the girls

Ella Bella!

check out her growing locks

Sweet Aves!

Avery wanted to take some pics with Ella...one day they will both look at the camera and smile at the same time. Until then...

avery looks so sad in this pic???

goofing off in the toy buckets

ready for school

having fun in her car seat

tim and avery went up to home depot the saturday of mother's day weekend and made this for me. they have a kids class every 1st saturday of the month and this was the 1st time they went. when they got home with it they painted it and then we put it outside. i LOVE it!!

the finished product with the flowers it came with! thanks you 2! one of the best gifts i've received!

tim brought these yummy strawberries, one of my favorite desserts, home with him after running a few errands for the party. they were DELICIOUS!!! and, surprisingly, the ones covered with sprinkles too were even better than plain. i would have never thought to add sprinkles. we couldn't stop eating them! thanks baby!!