Sunday, May 31, 2009


Avery's vocabulary continues to amaze me and she is constantly chattering :) These are just 10 of the sayings and things she does right now that I love:

1) More again - when she wants to do something again, over and over
2) Yes, peease
3) Slide swing - when she wants to go to the park
4) Mommy's car? Daddy's car? Darmi's car? Nanny's car? etc...
5) Escuse me Mommy
6) Bubbles, Bubbles and more Bubbles
7) Giant belly laughs
8) Grabbing my face to give me a kiss
9) I lub you Mommy
10) Whenver someone sneezes, she'll say Bless because I always say Bless You to her

She is such a trip!! What will be next??

Friday, May 29, 2009

You Tube Friday

I hope everyone is having a great Friday! After yesterday and a quiet night last night, we are having a great one here! We are so excited that Avery is doing so well and keeping our fingers crossed that it stays that way.

I've put together some clips from after her birthday party...I haven't even started looking at the video that Tim took of the actual party. And, the last clip is from yesterday after her nap.

Have a wonderful weekend!


How'd You Get so Smart??

This morning our home warranty rep, Bill, was over. He's been over a lot these past couple weeks to fix some final things on our house so Avery has gotten used to seeing Bill at our house. He was leaving and this is how their conversation went:

Avery: Bye, Biill!
Bill: Bye Avery!

Bill opens the front door-
Avery: Biill's truck
Bill: Yes, that is Bill's truck
Avery: Red truck
Bill: Yes, it is Red
Avery: Big truck
Bill: You're right it is big. How'd you get so smart? From your Mommy or Daddy?
Avery: DADDY!!

Thanks Avery :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dinner with Darmi & Poppy

Tim went to the Rough Riders game tonight with the boys so Avery and I made our own plans to go have dinner with Darmi & Poppy (a.k.a. my parents...these are the names she has given them for the time being or forever, we will find out!). Avery and I picked up Poppy and headed over to the Shops at Legacy to meet Darmi at Fireside Pies.

Here they are walking to the restaurant, she had to bring her purse of course!

We had a yummy, yummy dinner of Cheese Salad and pizza. We debated over whether Fireside or Grimaldi's is better...tonight Fireside won! The best part of the meal for me was that Avery wanted to sit with her grandparents for most of the dinner. This about never happens so I happily enjoyed my wine and pizza in solitude on my side of the booth :) If anything, the whole night was worth this ;)

Then we headed over to Coldstone for some ice cream...Avery's favorite! She totally switched it up on us by wanting gummy bears instead of emmy's (M&M's). Never having tried gummy bears they gave her a taste test and she loved them of course. So, she got both with her ice cream.

Thanks Daddy for going to the game...we had a great time tonight with Darmi and Poppy!!

Pizza, ice cream and sitting on your own side of the booth during dinner...priceless :)

YouTube Friday

I've been contemplating what to do for this YouTube Friday and I keep thinking about how excited I am for this long weekend ahead of us. To be able to spend time with friends and family, enjoying each others company, relaxing, maybe even sleeping in a little bit :)

How amazing it is that we are able to enjoy the small and big things in life because we live in a country where we are free to do so. Where we can choose to do anything we want, be anything we want to be, live wherever we feel free to do so, love whomever we choose. We should always be grateful that we have the opportunity to enjoy our freedom because of the men and women who have fought for us and are still fighting for us to have this freedom. We should never forget!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beautiful Day

This morning, our playdate got canceled because our friends got sick, so we kicked it in to gear and moved on to Plan B. It was too nice a day to just stay home and play out back so I decided to take advantage of our membership to the Arboretum. I packed up a picnic lunch for Ms. Avery and I and headed down to Dallas.

Thanks to Avery, I now know every word to Feist's 1234 song (or as Avery calls it "2 9") as we listen to it over and over again all the time. I was able to "Genius" it on the Ipod and we listened to some other songs that resemble "2 9" before returning to listen to "2 9". Tim likes to think that this song would be a good song to make pledges listen to during must bring back some old memories from his time in the fraternity! In the sorority, we had to listen to Macarena all day and get up every hour and do the dance for the entire length of the song. That's why, at weddings, you will never see me up doing that dance when the song comes on!

Moving on...once there we threw on some sunscreen and headed in. It is such a great place to spend the day. Avery loved all the storybook structures and played on them for the most part. We had a wonderful picnic in the shade on the hill they have the concerts on. Played a little more and then booked it on home so we could see Daddy at lunch.

I love days that you get to step away from the every day hustle and bustle and sit back and enjoy! I know with summer around the corner these type of days will happen more often. At least I hope so!!

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather in your own ways!

Avery walking up to the Gingerbread house...look at those yummy cupcakes and lollipops!

Their new flower "house" and with bunnies sculpted in the garden

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Girl!

Time just keeps ticking's hard for me to believe that Avery is turning "2"! She is growing up so fast and we are having a wonderful time with her. She is such a pleasure in our lives and I look forward to watching her grow into a beautiful little lady. Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl :)

Party table all set and decorated

I put up some pics of her for every month since she turned "1". It turned out so cute!

I also made her a Happy Birthday banner that we can keep using over the years.

The party has begun.

Daddy and his Little Girl

Playing outside before Ms. Jeannie got there

Kindermusik party under way

Everyone got a Cookies book

Bells are ringing

Having pizza and birthday cupcakes outside. It was such a gorgeous day!

The little ones playing inside

Our 1st cupcake...1 of many

Opening up all her fun gifts

After the party and dinner, Tim, Avery and I went on a walk in the neighborhood to finish off our fun day.

Enjoying our new slide out in the backyard

and our new sand and water table

and our new bike

back on our walk

Kisses for Daddy are the BEST!

Happy parents too!

Happy Girl! What a fantastic day! Happy 2nd Birthday Avery!