Thursday, October 29, 2009

October Fun!!

We have had such a busy October I finally just got our pictures downloaded so here we go!!

Playing with her teacups in our bathroom

Finishing painting the shirts we got with Shea. We tried to do it at Shea's house but Avery was having too much fun playing with her toys!

Our Superstar - this girl loves her music!!

Waiting for her pumpkin cookies to bake - are they done yet??

Avery loves ice cream (what kid doesn't) so I bought some mini ice cream cones and she was so excited. It must have taken her 30 minutes to eat this thing as she slowly licked all the ice cream. She didn't want to eat the cone (too yucky!) so Tim got to eat it!!

All over her face...and, in her hair!

Sissy & Avery sporting the dresses that Nana made them for Halloween

Avery wearing her dress to school for their Halloween party

Driving with Daddy - watch out on the roads!

Tim & I went with Uncle Kevin and Kristen and a bunch of our friends to the Widespread Panic/Allman Brothers concert. We had a great time and even took the DART down there which was great and so convenient. Had a little problem with it on the way back, but we'll get it down better next time.

Some guy was walking down our aisle and had this hat on so we just had to borrow it and take a quick pic!

Happy 1-Year old b-day Kale!! We went to his party and they had a clown come to do face painting and give out balloons. I was so impressed that Avery sat still the whole time the clown painted this butterfly on her face. So cute!!

Such a big boy!!

Happy Birthday Darmi/Mom!! We had a yummy dinner at Patrizio's to celebrate Darmi's Big Day!

Our 1st time to go to Peter Piper's. Avery & Shea had such a blast - they must have ridden this ride 20 times. And, I was so excited that Avery ate the pizza there. We have had some major breakthroughs in our eating habits this month adding 2 big things to Avery's repetoire - Chicken Nuggets and Pizza, Hallelujah!!

Riding the Merry-Go-Round at Stonebriar

At Pottery Barn Kids listening to music at their Halloween story time. Avery was dancing and jumping all around.

Pretending to nap along with the song

Look how intently they are listening - it was cracking us up!

One Mommy shot for the month :)

We'll see you back for Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marching Band

Yesterday, the AT&T guy was at our house from 9:00 - 2:30 so Avery and I had some quality playing time together. She of course had to talk with the installer who thankfully has a going on 4-year old himself so he was a participater in many of our conversations. Probably why he was here soooooo long :)

There's one particular conversation I would like to share with you. So, Avery's marching around the living room banging away on her tambourine where the installer is working on the TV (poor guy) and she stops and starts talking about me joining her band.

Avery: Mommy, pick up the drum and let's march!
Me: What other instruments can we use?

Here she proceeds to rattle off the following-
Avery: we have a fute (flute), tamourine, drum, guitar, cymbals, sasophone, tuba, and base drum
Me: ummm, what kind of drum??
Avery: base drum
Me: How do you know what a bass drum is and how do you know all these instruments?? Did you learn it in school??
Avery: No, I saw it on Caillou!!!

See - and all you people who think that TV is just a drain on my little girl's brain!! She's learning important stuff from her shows :)))

Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Girl Gymnastics Class

For the past 2 weeks, Avery and Shea have been going to what I like to call the "Big Girl" class in gymnastics - meaning Mommy and Ms. Alicia get to sit in the bleachers and watch while they do everything with Ms. Amanda. When we were approached by Ms. Amanda (who is amazing I would like to add) about moving them to the 3-year old class I was totally on board.

Then, when the actual day came and I realized I wouldn't be going with her to all the stations I was kind of sad - yet another thing for her to do on her own without me, tear, I know :) Avery was completely confused about it too when we got there, but Shea did so great!! She went right to circle time and spent the whole time with Ms. Amanda and had a blast doing so. We couldn't have done this without Shea and Avery being together because Avery went right along with Shea and Shea even comforted her saying "It's okay Avery!". Last week was much better and Avery lasted the whole time with Ms. Amanda and talked about how Mommy and Ms. Alicia were going to sit and watch.

Hopefully this post doesn't jinx me for this week :) If so - I'll keep you updated!!

Doing her forward roll with Ms. Amanda

Our little monkey!!

Bear crawling on the bars with Shea - aren't they too cute!!

Taking a break to watch

Jumping on the trampolines

Getting to ring the bell, yea!!

The Candle

Avery saw me light a candle on the island and this is how the conversation went:

Avery: Mommy, what are you doing??
Me: Lighting a candle
Avery: Is that a new candle??
Me: No, I've had it for awhile
Avery: Did you get it at Target??
Me: No
Avery: Hobby Bobby??
Me: No, it's from Pottery Barn
Avery: Pottery Arn - let's go there.

I feel good knowing my 2-year old daughter knows the places we shop at...maybe too much :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


You know how you wish for things sometimes and then as it comes true it actually doesn't give you the best thought it would feel differently. That's how Avery's new and continuing Independence feels to me.

I remember the first time she left our house with my parents to go spend the night forever ago and she just walked out the door and hardly looked back to wave goodbye and I closed the door with tears in my eyes. Tim looked at me and told me to not cry because this is what we had been wanting along, but I just hadn't been totally prepared for it. I don't think you ever can be.

Then, we would go to "Mommy's" gym and she would hang on me and cry and not want to play with the other kids - a handful of times later she was running in there without a look back.

Now, she's going to preschool and we haven't fully gotten over the crying right before we go in, but I know it is coming any day and as much as I prepare for it, it will still pull on my heartstrings the first time it happens.

Someone read me an article the other day about how as parents we are holding on to the strings of a kite - the kite being our children and all through their lives we slowly let out a little more string to let them fly by themselves and so as Avery's Mom I am slowly doing that (I mean come on she's only 2 right), but let me tell you it's something I didn't realize I had signed up for, but I'll take it in stride and know that one day my Baby Girl will know how to fly by herself and be damn good at doing it!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random Avery Conversations

I love when I'm putting Avery put to bed and holding her right before I put her in her crib. I'm rubbing her back and kind of rocking her and she starts rubbing my back too! It's the BEST!! And then right before I leave the room I blow her a kiss, she blows me one right back and say I Lub You - what a way to end the day :)

Me: Ave, I've got to get ready you want to come in my bathroom with me??
Avery: No, I stay here and color
Me: Are you sure, you can play with your bath toys?
Avery: No, I stay here. Mommy you need to take bath? Need to shower??
Me: Yes
Avery: I stay and color

Tim gets home from his run:
Avery: You done run??
Tim: Yes
Avery: You have good run Daddy?
Tim: Yes
Avery: That's good

Me: You want to try some brocolli Avery
Avery: No like boccoli, it's yucky!
Me: How do you know, you've never tried it??
Avery: Looks at the brocolli, picks it up and actually tries it, then starts coughing and making a terrible face - No LIKE boccoli!!
Me: I'm sorry baby but thanks so much for trying :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Avery & Her Cousins

Avery just LOVES spending time with her cousins and it is especially amazing to see her and Cissy play. What a wonderful relationship they will have as they grow up. They are 2 lucky girls!!

Playing video games with Connor

Nana and her girls

Waiting for the cookies to bake...are they done yet?? are they done yet??

Cupcakes as big as their heads :)

She so wants to play with them...soon baby girl

2 country girls with their babies :)

Having tea

Ready for nap