Monday, August 23, 2010

Summertime Fun!

There is no method to the following's not even in order by date so have fun looking:

Avery and I were going through all the baby stuff and we found all the baby burp cloths which she thinks are baby blankets so all she has been doing is playing with them non-stop. I think I will have to get some new burp cloths for the baby and let Avery have all of these :)

We were at Willow Bend playing and having lunch and we were still hungry so we had to stop at Neiman's and get one of their fabulous chocolate-chip cookies. It's almost as big as her head :) I'll have to help her eat it...if she'll let me!

After eating our cookie and on the way out, we stopped in the surf/skate shop right by the exit. We always try to see if anyone is using this and lucky us this time they had a little party going on. Avery and I pulled up a chair and watched these boys try as hard as they could to get up on those boogie boards. It looked so hard, they were definitely better off kneeboarding.

Our 1st time to eat Watermelon. Avery loves fruit but some she is picky about because of the texture...we have a winner here. She couldn't stop eating it!

Me & My Girl

Ready to get going to TBJ camp for the week

Visiting Daddy at work to have lunch with him

Storytime at Borders...I've decided that though Avery might sort of like it, I'm not a big fan of the storytimes. Maybe I just haven't found the right place for us.

Ready for our other summer camp at Apple Creek

Avery has found that there are alot of "fun" things in our entertainment cabinet in the living room. For instance, she found all our DVD's and keeps asking us what they are and making stacks of them all over the living room. Look how proud she is of her tower:

Sometimes a girl gets cold and needs to put on her winter jacket and gloves...even in this 100+ heat.

Avery and I headed up to Watters Creek for some girl time and went to her favorite ice cream place, Paciugo and listened to some music on the lawn.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Look who forgot to call each other to make sure they weren't wearing the same thing:

Preggo Mommy enjoying some couch time

My Gardener:

Nathan and Keaton were out on a Saturday morning up in Plano and called us to see what we had going on. We were planning on taking Avery to Lifetime to swim so they joined us up there and we had a great time!

The girls "sharing" the rings

Blue slushies for the cuties

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