Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby Shower

My sweet family and girlfriend (who I actually consider family) threw me a wonderful Baby Shower to celebrate Baby #2 coming in September. It was such a special afternoon for me to be surrounded by all my family and close friends and I appreciate it so much!! This pregnancy has gone by so fast and it was so nice to have an afternoon to celebrate it!

Mom came to pick me up and we had Tim take a photo of us together...I will be so happy if I look as wonderful as she does when I am a Grandma (or Darmi as she is so lovingly referred to by Avery).

At the shower with all my special hostesses, Heather, Kristen, Mollye and Molly

Such yummy food was served...these amazing little burgers Kristen made (if you are reading this, I need the recipe!), fruit salad, cheeses, dips, veggies, candied pretzels and of course a scrumpdiliumptios cake which I took home and ate the rest by myself! At least not all in one day - 2 maybe!

All the sweet gifts from everyone:

When we got home, Avery was just waking up from nap so we had to go through EVERY thing I received at the shower which was so fun for her and us too!! We also had to do it again the next morning and after nap the next day before we finally put it all away, almost all of it at least.
Here she is wearing the car seat warmer Nana made for the baby when it gets cold which I swear it will never be cold here again!!!

She piled everything up on the Nap Nanny

We had to try out the Miracle Blankets since we didn't have one of these with her. I can't wait to use it on the baby...Avery loved being swaddled so we'll see if this one likes it or not. She doesn't seem too pleased to be in it.

Trying to get out of it

Then she had to try on one of the outfits my girlfriend gave's a little small!

The next few days were spent hanging out on the Nap Nanny reading her books to herself and to her "friends"! Hey, I know it's all going to be shared by both of them so may as well start early. Plus, I wish I could have one of these for myself!!

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