Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy 8-Year Anniversary to Us!!

Looks like Tim and I have made it through the 7-Year Itch mark without too much scratching and are moving into our 8th year of marriage together! I can't believe that we have been married now for 8 years and have been together for over 16!

The time has surely flown and I can truly say that I am more in Love with him every day. He still constantly amazes me as he has grown into the kind, loving, gentle man that he is. He always knows how to put a smile on my face, erase my worries, and help make our home a happy place to be. He is the Best Daddy a girl could ask for and a wife could want for her children and I look forward to watching him with our new baby shortly.

Thanks so much for 16 amazing years Tim - my Heart will always be yours!

Our actual Anniversary took place on a Tuesday so when Tim got home we decided to take Ms. Avery out to dinner with us. As we were leaving the house, it had just finished raining and for those of you who have forgotten what rain's those droplets that fall out of the sky and make it just a little cooler - will this ever happen again??? It's so HOT!! A beautiful rainbow filled the sky and you could see the whole thing for one side to another. It was so neat and Avery just loved it. I couldn't get a great pic of it, but this is about it.

Avery decided to wear her Happy Birthday hat out to dinner. I didn't even know we still had this but she found it somewhere and since we had been saying Happy Anniversary all day she thought she'd wear it.

and, she brought her purse filled with all sorts of goodies!

Sitting with her Daddy - I got to enjoy my meal on my side by myself all night!! This rarely happens.

When we got home, we threw on some music and had ourselves a dance party. If you didn't know it, Avery loves our Ipod and all the music on it. She is just like her Daddy when it comes to music - it is ALWAYS on in our house. So, if you ever feel like dancing just head on over.

We tried to get her to take a pic of us in between her was a little crazy but I think we at least got a couple. Do you think you can handle the madness??? Here we go...

Then Tim and I took a shot of ourselves

and then 1 of all of us

So cute...

and goofy - does the baby know what she gets into??

Saturday night we headed out for Date Night to celebrate. We headed over to Urban Crust in Downtown Plano and had a fabulous dinner and evening. Thanks for the flowers baby!

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