Monday, August 2, 2010


Tim and I took one last quick vacation, or as some people call it - Babymoon, a few weekends ago before the baby comes. Can you really call it a Babymoon when you already have a baby at home?? We decided to go somewhere close enough where we could drive since it was a quick excursion and though I so wanted to go to the beach, I refuse to go out of the country and have to deliver a child. I know we could have gone to a beach in Texas, Cali, etc but it was much easier to drive this time.

We decided on Wimberley becuase we found this amazing bed and breakfast online that was totally modernized and renovated. We thought it would be a peaceful getaway and it was just perfect!!

We decided to go the more scenic route to get there this time instead of taking jam-packed 35 all the way down through Austin. And, since we weren't in any hurry, this was a great choice! We stopped for lunch at this place recommended to us by Kitty and Rich for delicious pies. Who can pass up good pie?? Not this girl!!

Let me tell you though, Tim and I stuck out like sore thumbs in here! Good thing Tim's been growing out his goatie because it helped a little bit. Lots of motorcycles, work boots and plates filled with mounds of greasy food. The pie was delish though!!

Our bed and breakfast was The Blair House Inn and it was just wonderful. We were met by one of the owners when we got there, Vickie, who was like your hip, sweet grandmother and she showed us around the property and let us into our cottage. Here's Tim relaxing after arriving!

We are happy to be here!!

Every night around 5:30 they bring you a tray of wine and desserts. Hmmm, that wine looks so good but lucky Tim gets it all to himself :( We had tiramisu this night and some yummy white wine - at least it looks yummy to me!

No rest here...we had big plans for our 1st night there. We headed into Gruene which was only about 20 minutes away to have dinner at the Grist Mill and then get some tickets to watch one of Tim's favorite artists, Bob Schneider, at Gruene Hall.

We had to capture some quick pics from our porch before we left. Not looking too bad for almost 8 months preggo!

Well, of course we didn't have tickets purchased for the concert because we weren't sure if we were going to make it, and of course it was sold out. So, while I secured our table at the restaurant, Tim was out scalping in front of the venue. two tickets - he's in heaven ;)

Pretty good kiss if you ask me :)

Tim's vaca front of Gruene Hall

I tried to get a good pic of Bob but couldn't get that close. Tim wanted me to venture up front with him, but I quickly shot that idea down. You know how hard it is to walk around in a crowd with a belly bump?? Sorry babe.

Here's the view from our porch the next morning when we woke up. Breakfast ended at 9:30 every morning and was served down in the main house but Tim woke up every day around 9:00 and brought a tray back for us to eat on our porch...he's the Best!! It was so nice to eat out there every morning. Then we would hang out and read and get our day started...we've got nowhere to be :) The 1st morning we had huevos rancheros with the most sinful Sopapilla pastry I've ever eaten.

One other amazing piece of news we received the 1st morning we were there was that my brother, Brian, had proposed to his girlfriend, Mollye, and we were just ecstatic!! That made our day for sure!! We were so excited and are so excited for Mollye to join our family. We couldn't wait to see them when we got home that week!

Here's the pool on the property...nothing spectacular but we had it all to ourselves every time we used it. That was the spectacular part and we would stay there for a couple hours every time. Where was everybody?? Who cares!

You work up and appetite after lounging in the pool all morning so we headed down to the square to grab some lunch. We stopped in one of the stores to ask recommendations for lunch and they sent us over to Ino'z. We enjoyed a relaxing lunch out on their patio and then headed over to the Old General Store for some fudge for dessert. Yummy!

Next we headed out to one of their local wineries, Driftwood. They don't have a lot of wineries out in Wimberley so it was nice to go to one and let Tim enjoy a tasting...okay, a tasted a little too :) This is the view from the winery where we sat for a short while before heading back. It was getting a little hot!

After such a crazy night the night before, we decided to just hang out at the B&B for the evening by the pool. We even ordered in Pizza Hut and had it delivered to us - Tim and I have never done this on vacation before and we will definitely do it again! A thunderstorm had rolled through right before sundown so we had an amazing sunset for us to enjoy. It was such a great night!

Belly Shot

My Handsome Hubby

Pizza, wine, books, pool, view - what more could you ask for??

Tim chillin' by the pool

Sunset pics...just imagine the tower isn't there ;)

Rainbow from after the storm

Breakfast - Day 2: Yummy french toast covered with bananas, side of crispy bacon, fresh fruit and juice. Delicious!!

Today we went to one of our favorite spots outside of Austin, Hamilton Pool. It is an swimming hole with a waterfall and it is sooooo cold but so refreshing on a hot summer day! Surprisingly to us, it was really crowded. The few times we have been there, there were only a handful of people. Didn't get any pics there becuz we were in the water alot!

Relaxing outside before dinner with his nightly glass/bottle of wine.

We ate at Palmer's Restaurant suggested by our hosts on night 3. It was so yummy and a fabulous suggestion. It was pretty late so we closed down the restaurant that night, but it's not the 1st time we've done that and I'm sure it won't be the last. We had some super yummy crab cakes for apps and then split one of the biggest steaks I've ever seen on a plate. I don't know what got into me for ordering red meat but it was definitely a Tim meal with mashed potatoes and cream corn - the perfect slop meal for him!! See how satisfied he is ...

Vacations are the BEST!

Last breakfast of our trip...goat cheesee and tomato fritatta, zuchinni bread, fresh fruit parfait and juice. I will definitely have been on a few pounds on this trip. Who's going to cook me breakfast like this when we get back?? I guess I'll have to scrounge around again :(

We headed out early afternoon excited to go home to see Avery and she was so excited to see us when we got home. She had so much to tell us and tons of hugs and kisses for us as we did her.

Thanks Mom and Dad for watching her for us for the was just what we needed!!

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