Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st Day of 3-Year Old Class Preschool

I can't believe my girl started her 2nd year of preschool this week! It was a TOTALLY different experience then last year and in a good, but sort of sad for Mommy way. She is so happy and confident in her surroundings at TBJ that she was super-excited to go on Monday and didn't even hesitate once we got there. I even had to remind her to give me a hug and kiss before she went in to class when we arrived! You know what though, it was much better than her clinging to me and crying and not wanting to go back like last year. But sometimes, just briefly, you want that for a second, nah, not really!

Quick pics at home before we left...baby made the photos here too. They are really pushing for the kids to wear socks with shoes this year so hopefully I can get her to go along with it. 1st day so far so good!

Backpack on and ready to walk in to school:

Such a Big Girl though her backpack kind of dwarfs her in this pic :)

Like I said previously, I had to ask he for a quick hug and kiss before she went in because she was so excited. And, I got a quick pic of her in front of the bear sign next to her classroom. We'll have to take one on the last day of school too to see how much she grows this year.

School lets out the 1st week at noon to get everyone acclimated so she wanted to go have lunch with a couple of her classmates but they already had plans. And, of course she wanted to go to Chick-fil-A so we called up Tim and he met us to celebrate her 1st day!

I scooted over to her side for a quick pic myself...I had to get one of her with me on the 1st day too!!

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