Saturday, August 28, 2010

Go Wildcats!


Friday Night we had no plans so we looked up the football schedule for Plano and saw that they were playing their 1st home game so we ate a quick dinner and took Avery to see the Wildcat's in action. Tim has been wanting to take her for quite awhile, but we didn't think she would like it last's amazing what a difference a year can make!

Here they are walking up to the "new" stadium...I say new because they've totally redone the home field side from when we went to school at Plano.

We didn't have tickets and the line was so long that we headed over to the visitors side to buy tickets and then walk back over once inside. Well, something else that is new to the stadium is that you can't walk over from side to side once you are in the stadium. I don't know if they enforce this rule all the time or when it's just a small team visiting but that was what was so much fun when I would go to the games and watch Tim. Being able to sit on the lawn at the end zones or go see friends from other schools.

We booked it back over to the Plano side and on the way got to see the drill team practicing. Avery really liked their dance outifts :)

We ended up sitting right near the band and Avery kept watching them throughout the game. She also shook her "Paw" with every song and pretty much did it the whole time we were there. She had such a blast watching the game, the band, the replays on the new jumbo-tron, the drill team on the field, the other team's band and drill team, etc. There was a lot to look at!!

We'll definitely be back for another game soon!!

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