Monday, August 23, 2010

Dance Class...the 1st of Many

Now that Avery has turned "3" she can start dance classes and seeing how she LOVES to dance it has been so exciting to get her ready for her 1st dance class. I signed her up at a studio that my childhood dance instructor owns and she will be teaching her as well as one of her students. We took her to get all her dance gear - tap shoes, ballet shoes, leotard and tights and she had a blast picking everything out. She loves to "tap" around the house in her new shoes.

Here she is at Mom and Dad's after we got her shoes. There's no taking these babies off!

The day of her 1st class she was so excited when she woke up that she didn't even eat breakfast. She wanted to put on all her dance stuff and get going. Seeing as the class didn't start until 11:00 I had to stall a little.

All ready for class:

I wanted to get some quick, cute shots of her outside near the house but she was just not having it and since it was a 1,000 degrees outside already, we left to run our errands before class. All I really wanted was "1" smile but that was totally not happening!!

Look how grouchy she is:

Her hair looks so cute though :)

Our errands were actually quicker than I anticipated so we ran by the office to see Poppy and show off our dance outfit. He was really surprised!

Here she is waiting for her class to start. She looked at me and told me "I can smile now Mommy, but I couldn't smile when we were outside. Sorry." At least she gets it :)

I tried to stay and watch her at the beginning but she could see me through the glass and kept waving at me and smiling so big because she was so excited to be there!! I felt bad distracting her so I left and got in my car with tears in my eyes...she is getting so big and I can't stop it not that I really want to because I so enjoy this time with her, but it is starting to move a little too fast for me. I did come back a bit early to watch the end of class and snap off a few pics and they were just finishing up ballet, tap was the first part of class.

When we got home, back on went her tap shoes and she was dancing once again!

Then her ballet shoes while she figured out what song she was going to dance to on the receiver.
*Just a side note, Avery has figure out how to work the receiver and CD player as well as the iTouch. If you are looking for some dance music, come on over to our house...Avery has her set list all set up and it includes A LOT of Tim and I's music. Only 2 kids CD's make it through the rotation. I'll have to upload her favorite songs sometime on another post.

Dancing Away

The morning ended with her reading stories to her school friends in the living room. I can't wait to see what this next week's class is like for her!

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