Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Haircut!!

Today we took Avery to get her 1st Haircut ever!! I've been nervous to get her haircut because I was really worried that once they trimmed up her hair the curls would be gone, but seeing how it's never been trimmed and it's been damaged from the sun and swimming all summer long...it was definitely time. The ends looked like a Barbie Doll's hair after a little girl has brushed it over and over again.

We took her to Sweet & Sassy (a little girl's paradise) at Willowbend because the one by our house closed suddenly a few weeks ago. Bummer :(

The girl that cut her hair was so nice and actually talked like she knew what she was doing so that was very encouraging. Avery even let her lead her over to the hair chair:

Sitting in the chair while Victoria put a movie on for her...this is royal treatment I tell you!

Doesn't she look so excited ;)

Now she's officially ready with her Sassy Diva cape...I should buy her one of those to wear around the house sometimes.

1st snip...there's no going back now

All finished and I swear it is curlier than it was before and it looks so much healthier...it's hard to tell from these photos, but it's better.

Then, they added glitter spray to her hair and Strawberry and Cupcake scented spray...she smells delicious

A lollipop and sparkle heart and star for her cheek sealed the deal. We'll be back in 8 weeks!

Mommy's souvenir...her 1st cut locks

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