Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Cissy!

I'm about a month late on this post, but better late than never, right?? A lot of things have been going on around here :)

Cissy turned "3" on August 8 and because of the move into their new house and the hecticness that came with it, Molly decided to forgo a party this year and instead we took the girls to Sweet & Sassy for their 1st ever mani's and pedi's. We had such a blast there and the girls just loved being pampered!!

Here they are picking out their polish. Of course Avery picked purple and blue - her favorite colors and I was sure Cissy would pick pink but they both decided on purple and blue this time.

Here are the princesses with Nana

Getting their toes done...ahh, doesn't that bubble bath feel great!

Sweet birthday girl

Thinks she's the birthday girl too :)

Blue toes

Waiting patiently for their polish to dry

Time for the manicures. She looks like such a Big Girl!

Look at all the rings she has. One is from home and then they got to pick a couple for their toes and fingers.

Then, they got stars on their faces and glitter in their hair

The girl who did everything said they could get on stage before the next party got started and they just loved it. They kept running back and forth down the stage and dancing to the music that was playing.

They just LOVE each other! It is so wonderful to watch them together :)

Leaving with their party favors

After Sweet & Sassy's we headed over to Grimaldi's for some yummy pizza. Molly, Kitty and I sure did enjoy it!! The girls were having too much fun playing in the booth and enjoying their morning to eat. Then Avery had been sitting next to Molly but Cissy wanted to sit next to her so Molly moved one girl on each side of her. Look at the way Avery is looking at Cissy - wipe it off Avery ;)

After pizza we then went to Paciugo for some birthday ice cream. All of a sudden the girls seemed to get their appetite back - isn't it funny how that works when sweets come into the picture. Does anyone know of any kid that does not like ice cream, chocolate, sweets, etc?? I would like to see a kid say, "No, I don't want ice cream, I'd like some more veggies, fruit, meat, etc". Maybe our next one...yeah, right!

Look at the princesses wearing their tiaras:

After ice cream we did a little shopping in Charming Charlie's. The girls had a blast in there and loved looking at everything. Don't you just love these flowered headbands with veils they have on...they thought it was so funny. Very vintage girls!!

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet girl!!

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