Monday, August 2, 2010

Hanging with Avery & Cissy

While the Jurney's were moving into their new home the other weekend, Cissy came over to hang out with Avery and I and we had so much fun! The girls love playing together so much so that I can even go about doing things around the house without watching to love this stage as they get older :)

Here they are painting masterpieces

After all the playing and painting these girls had worked up an appetite. Enjoy one of the many lunches I know they will share together as they grow up.

Laughing much more than eating :)

After lunch, before they got out any more toys, I asked them to clean up the ones they had already taken out all over the living room. Avery loves to clean up right now and it turns out Cissy does too - thanks girls for the clean house :) Just as they were finshed cleaning, Don popped by early so we'll have to play with those extra toys next time!

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