Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer, Summer, Summer-time...

Avery's last day of school was last Wednesday, sad that she will only have one more year left of preschool, but really excited to spend the summer with her. Well, actually, excited for her camps to start so that we will both keep each other sane and enjoy the summer :)

Thursday, we stayed at home in the morning enjoying the beautiful weather we were having. This is what the backyard looked like after Avery took every ball, bubble, chalk and toy she had and threw it all over the yard. Ella was enjoying having her toys out too though she doesn't stay in the same place for very long anymore!

and she's off!

no, she didn't pull herself all the way up, but she's been pulling herself to her knees and then she gets really mad that she can't get all the way up. she prefers to stand which is fine by me. i'm crazy and i'll probably take it back when it happens, but i can't wait for her to walk. all she wants to do is get down anyways so may as well start cruising.

my most favorite pic right now!

all of us had on these wrist rattles. who knew it could fit an adult's wrist

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