Monday, May 2, 2011

Mommy-Daughter Date

last week avery and i went on a date during the week...some good old quality time with mommy!! who wouldn't want that :)

we went to her favorite place to shop - target, and shopped around a little and then i let her pick where she wanted to go for dinner. her 1st pick - grimaldi's but i wasn't really in the mood for pizza and kind of wanted a little more fun, kid place. 2nd pick - steak n shake. i haven't been there or eaten a burger in forever and she hasn't been there in awhile so we headed that way. it's such a fun kid place if you have kids and have never been.

they get a hat to wear...check us out in it. plus a car you put together with stickers and food people and a placemat with crayons. it keeps them busy :)

after her meal we HAD to get a shake. she chose the m&m shake and shared just a little with me!

here we are trying to take a picture of ourselves. there was lots of laughter and giggling.

managed to get one!

i don't get as much time as i would like to with my sweet aves but when we do i always have a great time with her. she has such a great little spirit and love for life. don't ever lose it. love you baby girl!

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