Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Bounce Party!

for avery's 4th birthday party she requested it be at a bounce house place this year. i was totally on board with that seeing that i wouldn't have to host it at my house and it would all be taken care of by someone else.

i will tell you that of all the birthday parties we've had for her so far and i know it's not that many, this was the best party by far!!! the place took care of everything except the cake, but that's the easy part - they had 2 people to run it and literally do everything...they told me to stop helping the kids during cake time because it was their job. ahh, if only someone would say that to me every once in awhile at home or out :) the room was set up great without even having any added decorations, the kids and when i say kids i mean both little and big got to bounce for what seemed like forever, they provided the drinks, and all we had to do was show up!

it was so fun watching all the kids jump and i can't tell who had a better time, the 4-year olds and older cousins or the BIG BOY daddy's and uncles :)

avery opening up the cake she picked out at market street. ariel, of course and so cute!! this is the 1st year she's picked out her own cake. good job girlie!

meeting her friends when they got there

mollye and brian...tim brought socks for all the boys :) the party just got a lot more interesting for uncle brian!

they make the kiddos watch a short movie before they jump about the rules of the place. they were all so quiet. i was impressed!

doesn't she look like she's interested ;)


daddy tim

uncle brian

daddy chris


aves and kale - this boy is in love with avery. it is so, so cute!!! he followed her around everywhere during the party. i would not mind him joining our family one day :)

brian and tim punching it out. good thing they like each other or it could have been nasty. the gloves were sooo heavy and it was so funny to watch them.

conner and riley's turn

the slide was the hit of the party in the 1st room!

she looks like she's having fun


the party crew pic

one quick pic, hurry mom, i have to get in line

parents of a 4-year old - not bad :)

and, then brandon just kept taking the pics

the next room's obstacle course

avery and her sweet friend from school, emily

tim's still bouncing and hoopin' it up in this one

all the boys and kiddos

more slides in this room too!

mom and i enjoying just watching

this thing you had to get in and climb through the holes to get to the top. there's uncle brian finally taking a rest and chillin' at the top while all the little ones below him try their best to get up there.

checking it out to see if they want to try, they decided against it and went back to the other bouncers

time for cake and singing. love her princess chair at the head of the table

4-year's old....Amazing!

tim and i with our 4-year old! what a blast!! i may have to push for this one again :)

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