Monday, May 9, 2011

8 Months...Already???

Ella turned 8 Months on Mother's Day this year...what a great present, but it was a good thing I looked at the date on the calendar or it would have just sailed by. We have so much going on that it's hard to believe Ella is already 8 months old.

I keep thinking to myself that these next 4 months for her and us are going to be crazy hitting so many milestones and one I keep chanting to myself and doing happy dances about is only 4 more months of bottles - FOREVER!!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE feeding her her last bottle before bed at night. It's the one time each day that I get some snuggling and alone time with her, but she Loves food sooooooo much that she would just rather eat instead. I don't blame her - have you ever tried formula, Gross!

Let's see, some interesting facts about you sweet Ella:

You are rocking, rocking, rocking on all fours and cannot wait to start crawling. You are really good at tummy crawling right now and you've started to put one leg kind of up when you move. So soon!

You have gotten your 1st 2 teeth on the bottom in the middle and I'm sure are working on some more, but I can't see them yet.

You have found your voice and love to screech out loud whenever and wherever. I forgot your pacifier the other day at the grocery store, but thankfully I had a can of stars with me so I just fed them to you the whole time. You still got a few screeches least it wasn't crying!

You sat in the shopping cart for the 1st time last week and enjoyed it so much that you didn't say a word the entire time and stared at everything! I can only imagine what that must be like for you when all you've known is reclining back in your car seat. Honestly though, I would love for someone to push me around in a recliner anytime :)

When I go to get you in the morning or after your naps you are always soooo smiley and just playing and hanging out in your crib with your lovey and all your paci's. The best day was when you figured out how to put your paci back in your mouth the right way.

You LOVE your sister and follow her with your eyes everywhere she goes. Just wait until you can actually follow her will be wonderful!

You have the BIGGEST brown eyes and they take everything in.

You like to play peek-a-boo, love your sippy cup and food, food, food. You crack up when I tickle your feet or under your chin. You will break out a smile for almost anyone, but you take a moment and really study them before you do. You have such fun expressions with your eyes. I never knew such a tiny thing could already have so many expressions!! And, I can always settle you down by singing "Do you know the muffin man?"

I can't wait to see you start fully crawling, and then walking. I look forward to hearing you start to babble and watch your personality develop more. You are so fun to be around and like Avery, I LOVE having a buddy with me wherever I go. I Love you so much sweet girl :)

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Your girls are so precious!