Friday, June 3, 2011

Mavs Fans!

Last night, Cass came over to watch the Mavs game with us. Okay, I'll be honest, she came to watch it with Tim. I'm not a big sports fan and so it was so great for Cass, an ultimate sports fan, to come over to watch the game with Tim. I "sat" with them the whole time and did my own thing on the computer while chatting them up and listening to them yell and cheer at the TV.

I had to take some pics of them at the end of the game. And, I'll admit, it was an exciting last 4 minutes...I did watch that part. I mean, in almost all NBA games, all you really need to do is watch the last 5 minutes or so! That's where all the action happens. Thanks Cass for coming over, you are always welcome :)

Give me "3"!

At the end when Dirk made his final 2 points to win the game...give me "2"!

They're pretty pumped! Game 3 here we come!

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