Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Check out our new matching outside chairs for these 2...Aren't they soooo cute - both the chairs and the girls :)

We saw them outside at Market Street and Avery asked if we could get one. They only had one at the store at the time but they found another one at the McKinney store and instead of sending us over there, they had someone who was going to the store pick it up for us and bring it back. They are sooo amazing there!! It is my favorite store I've shopped at. The customer service there is insane! Enough of my Market Street plug...

Avery has really started to take more interest in Ella and though she is still so rough with her sometimes, she has really started to love on her. Here she asked me if Ella could lay on the couch with her...perfect photo op :) I can't wait to see these 2 grow up together!

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