Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Actual BirthDAY!

Avery's Big Birthday Day!! Such a wonderful day to celebrate my "Baby" turning 4!

Waking up to all her presents wrapped again. She did this several times in the next few days :)

my princess

waking up ella...avery loves to get in the crib with her!

happy girl :)

the surprise gift at darmi and poppy's

a new Kitchen!!! a big girl kitchen! avery loves it and hasn't stopped playing with it. we cook all sorts of things in it.

making cupcakes and blowing out her candles with cissy at nana's

after nana's, cissy spent the rest of the afternoon with avery playing at our house. it was raining in the house and the girls were so proud of themselves for opening their umbrellas on their own!!

for dinner she chose to get chick-fil-a - yea for no cooking!! and here is her cinderella cake. i think these cakes are so cute!

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Aves!!

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