Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Aves!

Dear Avery Jordan,
4 Years ago you came into our lives with the most beautiful big brown eyes and sweet demeanor and filled our hearts with a love I didn't even know could exist! It's been amazing watching you grow into the little, or as you say that you are now 4 years old "Big Girl" that you are today.

You have the most infectious laugh and I love to tickle you to just hear it!!

You LOVE life and are constantly busy and want to always go somewhere. Mostly to Darmi and Poppy's, Nana and Papa's or Cissy's house and if not one of those then definitely shopping! I've trained you and Ella right, poor Daddy :)

You talk, talk, talk and always have a question, request or something to share. At this moment in your life you are definitely a "Director" and like to tell everyone what to do. I don't think Ella stands a chance!

Favorite places to eat: Chick-fil-A, Grimaldi's, Steak 'n' Shake, anywhere that has ice cream!
Favorite places to shop: Target, Hobby Lobby, the Bank (which is the Dollar Store) - i think you like to call it the bank because they have $$$ signs on the windows

You have pretty much given up your naps - so sad :( but you still rest almost every day. And, you've started to wear pajamas with no feet since you are now 4!

Every day is a true adventure with you Big Girl! I Love waking you up in the morning and hanging out with you and Ella before school while you eat breakfast and play. I Love picking you up from school and hearing all about your day and playing with you when we get home. I Love seeing you Love your little sister (at least when you aren't taking a toy away from her or being a little "too" rough with her)! I Love watching you and Daddy go outside and tend to the flowers in your garden. I Love any alone time I get with you especially at night once Ella is in bed and you smell so clean from your bath and we cuddle in my bed and watch a show together. It's all moving so fast and I can't wait to see you grow up, but just slow down a little bit please. Thank you for filling my heart sweet Aves. I Love you so much!

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