Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Rest of Our NASCAR Weekend

While Tim was at NASCAR I had a great time with the girls! Don't get me wrong...I definitely missed him on the weekend, but Ella is getting to the age where it is easier to go out with both girls at the same time. We headed up to the outlets to get Avery some much needed new tennis shoes for school. Who knew that they could get soooo stinky ;) She got some great new kicks and hasn't taken them off since! And, they had the coin rides outside the shops so she picked the racecar to ride since her Daddy was at NASCAR. She wanted to drive the car just like Tim was doing at the race!

Afterwards, she wanted the chicken nugget Happy Meal at McDonald's that her Daddy has been getting her for the past 5 weeks after they go to the park on Saturdays. Awesome that is still the same old Happy Meal box as when we were kids!

Saturday night we went over to Heather's with the Joneses and the kiddos. Here are all the kids having dinner together, minus Ella who was just chillin' on a blanket in the living room playing with her toys. They all played so well together and had such a fun time in the game was a mess - just perfect!

And, of course...the best part of the weekend for Avery was when Tim came home and gave her this souvenir. She was in heaven and has taken it to school every day this week.

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