Monday, April 11, 2011

Randoms that Never Made a Post from the Past Month

i have a bunch of pics from the past month that never made a post and i'm moving on so here they all are: brian and mollye came for brunch and brian made this super-cute fruit face for avery to eat...he is going to be such a good dad!

ella and her buddy

i LOVE it when she clasps her hands's so sweet

sister hugs

sweet aves

tim is such a good daddy and hubby

our little rocker. is it too early to get her her own ipod so i can have mine back?? it's so great watching her dance around the house with her headphones on. it's like we're back in the 80's :)

evening walk thru the neighborhood

avery watching nascar one sunday. she likes to pick what car she wants to be and talk to tim about what car he is going to drive when he goes.

she created her own baby front pack carrier :)

the 2 princesses

tim and his girls

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