Friday, April 8, 2011

The Peanut is 7 Months Today!

i guess i can't technically call her a peanut anymore because i think she is our child who will eat us out of house and home! not get in the way of her food! if you've looked at any other posts i've done recently, you will see the videos of her eating and drinking. she is serious people!! she wants her food and she wants it now! tim and i are so excited about this (imagine us doing the "happy dance") maybe food will be her passion just like me :) you might be wondering why so much excitement?? well, if you've ever had a child who is uninterested in food and then have one that LOVES food, you will understand.

let's see...

ella is sitting up on her own, not getting to a sitting position on her own, but once she is put in the sitting position there is serious balance going on. when she does fall though she gives the most pitiful cry and you just want to cuddle her and tell her she's alright...i am a sucker, i will admit it now! like i said she LOVES her food. it's such a joy to feed her :)

i've been making some of her foods on my own, but she seems to prefer most of the jarred versions so i think this will be the way to go for us until she can start picking things up and feeding herself. maybe she will like mine as she gets older. i don't really care since she enjoys eating.

she is becoming more vocal and doesn't really "talk" but kind of high-pitches it so you know she is there. she is in love with my parents dog, Honey, and will talk to her the whole time when she is in the room. it's so funny! i've got to get it on video. she is still in super-love with her daddy and loves it when he gets home. she is really becoming more comfortable with those that she's sees more quiver lip when she sees them so that is just wonderful :)

still just a super-duper chill baby, full of smiles, loves her sleep and lovey and avery, always looking around to see what is going on. can't wait to crawl!!! she was up on all fours 2 days ago but she could be doing that for awhile. the way she kicks i'm a little bit nervous of how fast she might be once she starts. we will see soon. and, we need some teeth girlfriend...just imagine the world of food that will open up to you once you get some!

enjoying some qt with her sister and her "new" toy i just brought out. she is in awe of this thing. it's great! and aves is so good with her while they play with it. she sits behind her and says to me "mommy, i'll sit right here with her and make sure she doesn't fall". it's starting already, how long will it last?? i hope they always have each others backs.

showing off her mad-sitting skills she has!

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