Saturday, April 16, 2011

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

This morning Avery and I went to the Easter egg hunt put on by our neighborhood across the street near this old farmhouse. There were a bunch of families from the neighborhood and it was fun to see so many kiddos. We're going to try and get more involved in community activities but it can be so hard being so busy! They had a coloring station with all sort of goodies to take home, cookies, the egg hunt of course and the weather was so nice!

One of the souvenirs was this bunny teeth whistle. It's been freaking Ella out...

Here she is running around gathering her eggs:

Showing off her stash:

After, we went to Market Street to get the ingredients for the yummy Sangria we are making for tomorrow's party. She wanted to push her own cart so I loaded her up!

Staring longingly at all the popsicles she wants :)

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