Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2 Strollers Please :)

Last week I got our B.O.B. stroller back my girlfriend so Tim could start running with Ella. Avery barely ever sits in a stroller, but of course, now that we have it back she wanted this one and her pink umbrella stroller out. And, she wanted us to take a walk with both girls in the strollers. She wanted the pink one and Ella got to ride in the BOB or "Cadillac" as I like to call it.

I can't really tell if she liked it or not. She was so quiet the whole time but she's pretty quiet in her car seat while strolling so hopefully she'll continue to enjoy looking out. And, it's so crazy she's able to sit up in a stroller with no support. She's getting so Big!

Came across this one of Avery going out in it for her 1st time...seriously, do you think they're sisters??

2 strollers...so crazy to me :)

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The Mrs.! said...

Your girls are just too precious!!!