Friday, April 22, 2011

Avery's Music Class

Monday, Tim and I got to go to Avery's music class to watch the kids sing and they got to show us all they have been learning. It was so fun to watch them...they are so cute at this age. They all had to sit on a red crayon and they all listened so well!!

Avery was acting so shy and would just give us these little half smiles and kind of keep her eyes down. It was funny to Tim and I because at home she can't stop talking and singing!

Here they are getting ready to do their Waltz of the Flowers

See the blond boy standing next to her...that's Her Brody!!

Doing the Popcorn Parachute. I think the kids were more interested in who got to pick up the most "popcorn" after they were out of the chute!

Avery's job that day was Door Holder...very exciting job in the world of a 3 year-old. We talk about what her job will be at school every day. Maybe we should make some jobs for her around here. I'm sure I could come up with a few :)

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