Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!!

ugh...i'm so behind on my blogs! oh well, Happy Thanksgiving!!

we had a wonderful thanksgiving this year with our family. i know we are all biased in our own ways, but i truly feel like we have the BEST family and are so blessed to have everyone get along and enjoy being together. when i think of all the holidays we celebrate, thanksgiving is my favorite! i don't know if it's because we have everyone over to our house which Tim and I just love, if it's eating so much you are in a food coma by the end of the meal, and yes, this year molly and i were the ones taking a bite and then saying, mmmm, after every one, if it's because it starts off the holiday season, or if it's just being with family and enjoying a day together - maybe it's all of the above, but it's my favorite!

this year i am so thankful for so many things:

*my beautiful family that I simply adore!
Tim, my husband, my rock, my best friend. and though we have our ups and downs like any relationship, one of the nicest, handsomest, strongest men I know. I don't know where I would be without Tim by my side. I love you baby!
Avery Jordan - such a sweetheart, so happy and full of life, what a chatterbox you are and i love listening to you, that killer smile and personality.
Ella Ryann - i could not have asked for a more sweet, easy-going, happy baby the 2nd time around. you are so amazing and complete are family so beautifully!

*my parents and tim's parents- everyday we get to work with you and spend time with you is a pleasure. i know you are there for us no matter what and i can't wait to pass that feeling along to our girls as they grow up

*rich's health...i am so happy you have been able to get the treatment you need to help you and be with all of us. we love you!

*our brothers and sisters - life is more fun with you all and how lucky we are to all live so close together and be able to take advantage of it

*all our friends - though we don't get to see them as often as we would like, it's wonderful to be able to catch up and continue like we had never missed a beat

and now, the pics from our fun day:
here's the centerpiece that was supposed to go on the kids table. i'd like to say avery helped with this one, but she was already asleep and i was running behind - oh well, next year! they loved eating it up!

ready for all our guests:

the turkey flower centerpieces avery and i put together. definitely harder than i thought but super-cute so it was totally worth it!

cutie pie waiting for everyone to get here

gigi, papa and darmi

drinks anyone?? yes, please!

more of the crew

uncle mike!

long story short about this one - poppy gets popcorn every year to munch on during the game. i found this new popcorn shop in shops at fairview that i talked him into going to because they have this amazing caramel popcorn there - Paul's Caramel! it's to die for people! anyways he ended up getting white cheddar for avery, cashew and caramel but not made with Paul's Caramel and rocky road. the only reason I wanted him to go there was to get Paul's caramel so i not so nonchalantly gave him a hard time about it. wouldn't you know, thanksgiving day he walks in with my own bag of paul's caramel!! you are so sweet and awesome Dad! unfortunately, my bag never made it out to the table with the other flavors - i had to save it and savor every bite myself :) i am so excited!!

papa getting ready to carve the turkey breasts

i'm ready!

nana and kevin chillin' with ella while feeding her

hello cutie!

the kids table - hooray!

don and tim

what a cute couple!!

rich, mike and kitty

gigi and molly

another cute couple!

my other best friend with me. i love you mom!

just hanging out after a delicious meal

i hope you were fortunate enough to have such an amazing thanksgiving like we had. holiday time is officially here! bring on the shopping :)

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