Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Chanukah!

We had so much fun celebrating Hannukah this year with Avery. It's so fun as they get older and actually understand what's going on.

Interesting fact I learned this year about Hannukah...I was searching on the correct spelling of Hannukah because I keep seeing it spelled so many ways and wanted to make sure I was spelling it right. Come to find out through my research, there is no 1 right way to spell Hannukah!! It is a Hebrew word translated into English, so there are many different ways of spelling it. There is no correct way to spell it in the English language. So, Hannukah, Hanukkah, Channuka, Chanukah, etc are all correct. What do you think about that!

Day 1: Avery woke up from nap a little grouchy so I asked her if she would like to come downstairs and celebrate Hanukah with Daddy, Ella and I. We could light the candles, sing our songs, and get a gift - well she jumped out of bed and was in a great mood right then. Gift?? Sure, eyes lighting up!

Avery and Ella on the 1st night...don't you just love the menorah, Turkey flowers on the table and the Christmas tree in the background. We celebrate everything here in the Penrod household :)

I did all her gifts small for each day of Hannukah except for the last day. Today's gift was a princess water-pen set.

Avery kept telling me Thank You Mommy all night for her gifts so I asked her what did she get me for Hanukkah. Here are my 2 gifts she gave me from her playroom:

Day 2: Paintable magnets for the fridge so she can hang her artwork. She copied the pattern that was on the package and Tim thought it looked so good that he thought I had painted them for her.

Day 3: Friday, Nana, Gigi and Uncle Kevin came over for dinner and to celebrate with us. Here's Uncle Kevin washing the dishes after dinner. Thx Kevin!

Gigi holding Ella after her "nap"

Avery and her almost finished craft house she got for the night. It was so cute!!

Her two helpers

Mommy and Aves with her finished house. They did such a good job putting it together. I love these kind of things and am so excited that she is getting older and we can do more fun crafts together!

Day 4 she spent at Darmi and Poppy's and had Hannukah over there!
Day 5: 3 presents tonight! 1st was Tim's medal for the White Rock half-marathon that Nathan and he ran in on Sunday. Awesome job guys! Finish time was 1 hour and 59 minutes and 21 seconds...just made it:) She also got a design your own flower pot with several patterned inserts. And, some holiday water cups for the season.

Day 6: Alicia and Shea came over to celebrate the 6th day of Chanukah with us. The "BIG" girls had so much fun catching up and drinking wine! The other "big" girls had such a great time playing together too. It's been way too long since we've seen Alicia and Shea so it was so nice to spend some time with them.

Avery and Shea checking out Ella in her seat in the back:

Ripping into their gifts!

Dinner, playing and snoozing!

Day 7: a tinkerbell puzzle shaped like a butterfly! the menorah is getting pretty bright!

Day 8: the final day of chanukah :( we spend the last night of hannukah every year over at my parents house.

here's avery helping Poppy light the candles. she did this with me every night at our house too!

tim and sweet ella

singing our new hannukah song, O, Hannukah! we also sing this other song in hebrew but it's too hard for little aves and so i've decided that we will now sing our new song instead. we did both at darmi and poppy's. poor tim's ears! we are definitely not musically inclined on the finkelstein side :)

i LOVE this pic of Avery and Poppy! they are such best buds. it is so fun to watch them play together! they have the best time!

somehow, 95% of the gifts went to avery...how is that possible??

ella's thinking...just wait until next year - i'll be right there with you sister!

oh, yeah...a princess rattle!

checking out her stash after it was over. i'd say she did pretty good! i can only imagine what christmas will be like!

tim took avery home while i stayed and fed ella. some qt time with darmi and poppy before we left.

Happy Hannukah 2010!! Can't wait for next year for Ella to share in the festivities!!

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